7 Best Gift Ideas for Kids


It is your kid’s birthday or special day. After surprising them with a cake and snacks, you want to make this day memorable. You think of capturing some photos. However, pictures are not enough.

The best way to make your kids a special day a great one is by offering them a gift. As you know, no one forgets a special gift from people they love and value. This aspect is no different for kids.

While gifting a kid is a good idea, picking the best gift can be a challenge. The case is even harder for people with chess-loving kids. So, if you are struggling to choose the best gift for your kids, here are some 7 ideas to consider:

Kids room with two beds and book shelf
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

DGT Chess Set

DGT Chess Set is a good idea as a gift for your kids who love playing chess. This puzzle game equips players with essential ideas for making strategic moves in chess. The game comes with cards directing how to set up pieces on the grid and capturing those of the opponent.

It is a perfect way for chess training. So, buying this gift for your kids will be a good idea to grow their chess playing spirit.

No Stress Chess Board Game

Another great gift for your kids is the No Stress Chess Board Game. This game is a good option for you 7+ years’ kids with a desire to become chess champions. The game comes with illustrated cards and a chessboard.

This makes it easy for the kids to play the game with zero stress. Gifting your kids with the game will inspire their dream of becoming the chess grandmaster.

The Chess Book

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Used with permission of Kerry Spears, and photographers Nathan Schroeder and Kelli Boyd Photography

Introduce your kids to the chess world with this amazing book. A chess book is a powerful tool for inspiring and nurturing your kids’ love for chess games. It has illustrations on the chess basics.

Also, it teaches the kids about various pieces and tactics for playing chess. With it, your kid will boost their desire to become chess champs. As such, it is a perfect gift for your kids’ birthday. 

Star Wars Chess Set

Does your kid love Star Wars? No better way to combine their love for Star Wars and chess than buying them this set as a gift. The chess set has a Star Wars theme with unique markings for the Knight, Bishop, Queen, and King. It will keep the spirit of Star Wars and spur up the chess spirit on your kids. Even if your child is not a big fan of chess, there are other games based on the theme of star wars legion that you can try.

Lego Iconic Chess Set

When you hear the name Lego, all that comes to your mind are toy blocks requiring assembling. The concept is no different for this iconic chess set. The set aims at keeping your kids busy as the practice chess game. It comes as blocks where your kids need to reassemble them and play. Though it presents playing difficulties, your kid will enjoy having a chess set as a toy. 

Super Mario Chess

Chess and chess figures and two persons playing
Photo by Wander Fleur on Unsplash

Super Mario-themed chess is another awesome gift that your kids will love. The chess set features Mario pieces that are colorful and attractive to the kids. It combines childhood Super Mario games with chess. So, by offering this gift to your kids, you will offer them an opportunity to be kids and upcoming chess lovers at a go.

Story Time Chess

No one hated story times while a kid. The soothing stories from your mum and dad acted as the powerful lullaby. The Story Time Chess brings chess and that experience on the same board. This chess features storybooks with ideas on how to move different pieces on the board. It will offer the best moment for lovers of chess and stories.

In a word, you should not let your kids’ special day be about photos only. Buying one of these gifts will make them create a special part in their heart and grow their love for chess.  


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