Small Kitchen Design Trends


Around 47.88% of kitchens are medium-sized, 39.63% are large, and 8.08% are small, which is pretty much logical considering the fact that for many families, kitchens are sometimes the only place in which families manage to spend a few minutes together daily. Of course, although you may not be able to have double islands, a wide array of large equipment and sizable décor features in a small space, you can still design a stylish spot in which to prepare scrumptious dishes for your friends and family. The following kitchen trends may provide the inspiration you need to make the most of a compact space.

used with permission from Blackband Design

Marble touches

Even a kitchen with room for just one island or countertop/dining space can benefit from the elegant beauty of deeply veined marble. This material is one of the hottest trending features of kitchens small and large, as it contrasts beautifully with traditional materials like wood and stone. If you don’t have room for an island, consider marble touches on shelves, backsplashes, or even art in the area that connects an open kitchen to your living room.

used with permission from Blackband Design

Sustainable Equipment

If your fridge isn’t cooling your food as well as you need it to, you have a traditional gas cooktop, or your washer and dryer are over a decade old, you may consider it is time to replace some or all of these items. Sustainable kitchen equipment in suitable sizes can help you make the most of your space while also saving on energy. An old refrigerator, for instance, can use around 33% more energy than one with Energy Star certification. If you can only change one or two major appliances, bring your energy expenditure down by opting for small appliances like air fryers, microwaves, or toaster ovens. Generally speaking, a small microwave (which will fit perfectly in your small kitchen) is more efficient than a larger one. An air-frying toaster oven, meanwhile, while crisp food up to perfection in less time than an oven. 

used with permission from Blackband Design

Pops of Color

Biophilic design and natural materials are all the rage in kitchens of all sizes, with homeowners seeking to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living by prioritizing natural light, bringing plants into living spaces, choosing natural materials like stone and reclaimed wood for kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, and more. You can also embrace this trend by simply bringing in a few pops of color reminiscent of the most beautiful elements of nature. Think green (leaves), yellow and pink (flowers), and natural wood (trees) in features such as chairs, island stools, and small decorative pieces for shelves.

Handless Design

Protruding handles can be a big bugbear for various family members having to share the same kitchen space. If possible, replace this type of furniture with pieces bearing handless systems that open and close furniture with a tap. Not only do these look great but they are also easier to clean and lend your kitchen a seamless, clean, modern look that enables you to focus on decorative touches elsewhere.

Small kitchens may be the minority in the U.S. but those who do value the ease and practicality of small spaces know that they can benefit as much from beautiful design as large ones. To make the most of your space, remove bulky features such as handles, include attractive materials like marble in at least one statement piece, and consider replacing big appliances with small ones with optimal energy ratings. Thanks to AHS for consulting.


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