How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a DIY Spa


Everyone wants to enjoy the spa experience regularly, but going to the spa regularly is expensive and takes up a lot of time. While the “me time” and relaxation may be worth the price, the practicality of taking off work to go to the spa may make it unfeasible. Luckily, you have another option. You can turn your bathroom into your spa and enjoy a spa experience at home as often as you want.

Here are four steps to turn your bathroom into your DIY spa.

1. Remodel

Designed bathroom
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

The first step will be a little remodeling. Research for the best bathtub replacement and buy a tub that is durable and easy to clean. You can find tubs made from fiberglass, acrylic, resin, or porcelain. Choose one that looks and feels good to you because the visual aesthetic of the bathroom will be as important as the functionality. Look at the bathroom materials like the tile, faucet, and shower to decide what you want to keep and what needs to be replaced. Everything that goes into the bathroom should support the spa-like atmosphere you are trying to create.

2. Buy the right supplies

To enjoy a spa experience, you need the right supplies. This will include Fab CBD oil, wintermint, mint breeze, blood orange, or other scented oils that can help you relax while in the bathroom. You also want to buy body scrubs, face masks, soft towels, a cozy robe, body oils and lotions, and anything else that will make you feel like you’re at a spa. Get advice on the best face lotions and CBD products for your spa. You can get CBD products that you consume like oils, capsules, or tinctures to help you relax. You can also get topical CBD products like lotions or salves that will help you relax while also benefitting your skin.

3. Create a spa-like atmosphere

Bathroom with suspended lights and bath tub
Used with permission of Millhaven Homes

Once the bathroom is remodeled and you have a new bathtub, shower, sink, faucet, tile floor, marble vanity top, and whatever else you decide to install, you want to take it a step further with the feel and decor of the room. Add green plants to the space, hang eucalyptus in the shower, and use an oil diffuser to provide a fantastic calming smell and atmosphere in the bathroom at all times. Look through magazines or visit a spa to get a feel for the decor and how it makes you feel before choosing accessories for your home spa. Some may like the all-natural feel with live plants and earthy colors, while others prefer a livelier feel with jungle prints and fake tropical plants. Choose the decor that suits you personally.

4. Schedule spa time

Master bathroom with sink, tub and chair
Used with permission of Massucco Warner

Once your bathroom spa is complete, you have to schedule spa time. This isn’t going to be the same as grabbing a quick shower. You want to give yourself plenty of time for relaxing, pampering, lounging, and recharging yourself physically and emotionally. You want your spa time to be uninterrupted, so be sure to eliminate possible distractions. Talk to your partner and kids if you need to ensure you will have uninterrupted time in your bathroom spa. Decide ahead of time what services you will provide for yourself, and don’t skip out on anything. You may choose a bath and facial one day, but a hot shower and waxing another day.

Turning your bathroom into a spa is a great way to practice self-care regularly. The money you spend remodeling the bathroom is money you are investing in yourself and your personal needs. There is nothing selfish or unnecessary about excellent self-care.

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