6 Things to Consider Before Installing Your Home Office Electrical Setup


If you are confused about where to start looking before setting up the electricity supply for your home office, then this article is for you.

Choosing the carpet to go with the wooden floor of your home office is exciting, however, you have to sort out the necessities first. Before showing off your sumptuous yet comfortable furniture, having a stable power source should be your first to-do list. Even if you are planning to buy second-hand decors for your office, good lighting will take away that archaic look and add that last-minute contrast to your office.

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In my opinion, setting up an office in your house can be crafty since the main goal of that is to create a productive and work-friendly environment. This will help you maintain discipline even when you are staying at home.

So, let’s take a look at how you can take your professionalism to the next level while sitting at home.

Put Extra Power Outlets Beforehand

Experts can never stress this enough. Having more power outlets beforehand will save a lot of money and stress for you in the long run. Before opting for power outlets, make sure you count the number of electronics you might have in your office.

A typical home office should have computers, fax machines, air-conditioning, and heating systems for summers and winters, and last but not the least, good lighting. Considering all of these devices, always keep the number of power outlets in surplus since accessing power boards later to install a new device, like an extra monitor, will involve potential hazards for your entire house.

The second tip for installing more power outlets is planning the entire setting of your office. That way, you will know which device will go where. You should place the power outlets according to that setup to increase user convenience and avoid a wiring mess in the process. Also, your work mode will never get interrupted again if the battery of your laptop runs out. Power outlets can be installed in cabinet walls or table drawers as easily as they can be installed on your office walls. Another often overlooked factor is the necessity of a good signal from your cell phone, so if yours is lacking, consider a mobile phone signal boosters.

Get Your Setup Checked by an Electrician

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Neglecting safety while setting up electricity for your home office is equivalent to leaving your king piece unprotected on the chessboard. A home office has similar electrical needs to an actual office. It also requires regular servicing and maintenance by an electrician in Montmorency to prevent any haphazard at home that could potentially put your entire family at risk.

Therefore, to ensure that you are following standard safety protocols for your office strictly, hire certified Electricians Naples to check up on your office’s electrical supply every few months. That way you will be able to get a headstart if anything looks dangerous at your office. The experts can also give you advice on how to maintain your electrical supply throughout the day.

Install More Safety Switches

Installing more safety switches in your switchboard is a great way to protect your devices from burning out internally due to occasional power surges (which is a very common incident). The risk of increasing the current load is high due to more power outlets and devices being plugged in. If this occurs, the safety switches act like fuses that shut down the entire system before any harm can come to your home power board.

Know Your Monthly Power Usage

Another brilliant way to precisely monitor what’s going on inside the wires of your home office is to know how much power all of your devices need to operate. Knowing this will help you make sure whether your power supply has the ability to support all your office electronics or not. I would recommend having your office electrical supply separated from your house supply. By doing this, one can be sure that they are not putting their family at risk.

Light Your Office Generously

A dull room has the effect of making a person feel depressed instantly. Hence, sufficiently illuminating your office is the best way to ensure that your day is productive and enjoyable.

To brighten your office the best way, I suggest choosing a place in your house that receives the most sunlight. You should place your working desk on the spot where you will be able to work without the help of artificial lighting during the day. You should also keep your artificial lighting close by in case of cloudy days.

Secure a Stable Internet Connection

In this technological era of faster phones, global connectivity, and transferring files in nanoseconds, a good internet connection is critical for your overall career. There are various ways to secure a fast internet connection. The most convenient one is using WiFi routers to avoid the wiring mess. Of course, you also need to consider your provider internet provider. For reliable, fast service, only work with the best satellite internet providers.

On a daily basis, WiFi does the job pretty well. However, the connection can lag a lot on rainy days and at times when you need it urgently. To avoid the risk, you can also set up an ethernet cable connection which is a lot faster than WiFi. If you are confused about the proper way to install ethernet cables, again, you can hire Naples’ electricians to do it properly.

Set a Suitable Temperature For Optimal Work Efficiency

Extremely hot weather can make you hyperactive, thus reducing your focus, whereas the opposite can make you lazy and inactive. Therefore, maintaining a constant temperature can help boost your productivity. I recommend setting a temperature between 64-68 °F (18-20 °C) to help you work comfortably. You can use thermostat coolers to attain that temperature during the summers in Naples.

Keep Your Electricity Bills at a Minimum

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Used with permission of Kerry Spears, Nathan Schroeder and Kelli Boyd Photography

Working from home is everyone’s dream at this point. However, if the electricity bill for your office eats away a big chunk of your salary every month, then that’s not ideal.

To help you keep living your dream in a cost-effective way, here are a few ways to lower your electric bills.

  • Use artificial lights only when necessary and work in natural lighting regularly which (will also provide you some vitamin D).
  • Make sure to turn off devices when you’re not using them.
  • If you feel cold due to air-conditioning, instead of wearing a jacket, turn off your air-conditioner for a while.
  • Lastly, use energy-efficient LED bulbs for your office lighting which will reduce energy usage by up to 50%.


Home offices can fulfill the desire for a fancy, personal workplace. However, it is also a matter of proper planning, maintenance, and responsibility which probably wouldn’t be on your shoulders in an actual office.

So, if you are willing to take on all of that extra work, make sure to take notes from this piece of writing and maintain all of your appliances to prevent any unwanted accidents, which could affect your career. Lastly, keep a Naples electrician on speed dial in case an electrical threat comes your way. Thanks to bates-electric.com for consulting.


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