Polished Concrete Floors vs Cheaper Floorboards in Gold Coast, QLD


When you walk around your neighborhood have you noticed people’s driveways? Do they look grey and shiny to you? What you most likely would be looking at is a concrete floor.

There is a big debate going on around the Gold Coast regarding polished concrete floors vs wooden floorboards and were here to set things straight by shining a light and giving you some insight on the difference between the two and letting you know why we think the concrete floors are a fine fit for every home or business.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? But first, we find out what the two materials are made of.

Room with wooden flor
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What is Concrete

Most of the population may think that cement and concrete are one in the same thing, however, this could not be further from the truth. Cement, often referred to as Portland cement, is a part of the concrete, almost like an ingredient within it. Hence, when concrete is created there are three ingredients mixed to get it these are: cement, aggregate which is a mixture in itself of rock, sand, gravel, or sometimes just one of the three, and lastly loads of water are used as a binder.

According to the concrete network’s online resources, click here, cement is most often in a powder form when used to create concrete and once everything is mixed together it is poured out of heavy machinery specifically created for it or manually by hand. Once completed it is hardened into a durable material for its many uses in almost every possible environment globally.

Polished Concrete Floors

First, we clear the area of any confusion on what this one is, as not many have heard or seen it. Deciding what materials to use on your floor is a crucial decision when it comes to not only the aesthetic appeal but also the usefulness of it. If it is practical and serves a purpose you should consider it. This is what these types of floors are.

When looking for a flooring option that will last you a lifetime, this should be your go-to. Not only does it look nice and shiny but it also feels good under your feet, not to mention don’t make that much noise when walked on. Any scratches or bruises are barely seen on this type of finish. Plus, the most important aspect about them is they are the easiest to clean and mop up spills like liquids or food.

Maintenance with these floors is a popular contender because it is minimal. Any mild cleaner would do and if there are particles, they can easily be swept into a bin with a broom. It is stain-resistant and a hard and long-lasting material which is also used in walls and many outdoor furniture for instance the 63 ideas mentioned in this post from tabletops, to bar tables, garden benches, shelves, patios, fire pits https://www.backyardboss.net/best-diy-concrete-furniture-ideas/

Hall with polished concrete flor
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Benefits of This Type of Floor

There are several advantages to investing in a floor such as this, we will run through them below:

Longevity and Durability: as mentioned above these last a lifetime. It takes a lot to damage this material, it is that strong. When properly installed the polished concrete will last you up to 20 years. Imagine how much money you could save in your lifetime by not having to replace the flooring?

Versatility: these can complement the majority of home décor ideas and businesses, and many home decorators recommend them because you can play around with the interiors when you have this finish. You could have a matte effect or a gloss one. You could choose bold colors to complement it or earth tones to make it stand out.

For instance, the high gloss concrete flooring options reflect light and so can be an excellent addition when building a business such as an art gallery or a hotel reception area or car showroom. On the other hand, the matte surfaces give off a chic vibe to any home or organization’s offices.

To keep it clean and shiny, one of the simplest approaches, known as grind and seal is used. It is a popular service offered by many Concrete Floor Restoration Gold Coast QLD companies, to achieve that exquisite finish of these surfaces, mainly by adding a sealant to the top layer. It is not mechanically polished however it does use a machine. Making it a very affordable option.

Floor Boards

In a nut-shell, floorboards are exactly that – boards for floors. These types of surfaces are typically made of a type of treated wood. These are good-looking however not very practical as they can only be used in certain areas of a building, for example, they are not advisable to be used in areas with high humidity such as bathrooms.

Bathroom with polished flor and bath tub
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Unless you invest in engineered hardwood flooring, you will be spending a lot of money on maintenance, not to mention installing the engineering types is costly as it is. With concrete floors, you can wax them, sweep them and mop them however with wooden materials you need to refrain from using any water on them so the only way to clean them is possibly by gently sweeping them.

Hardwood requires high maintenance because you need to get them regularly polished at least every three years, and there is a small issue regarding termites as well. The ground needs to be treated with a preventative measure so termites don’t eat the wood and make it weak and easily damaged.

When it comes to spills, it can damage them too, so one needs to be very careful when using it in areas such as a kitchen or dining area. When they are installed in areas of heavy traffic, you should know that they may not last long and the tendency to weaken is heightened. Anything from pets to heavy shoes and high heels can damage it.

So, if you’re looking for an option that not only looks good, but is also easy to maintain, and has the lowest upkeep amongst all, we think you may know the answer to this from the above information we have provided. Thanks to castlebridgesurveys.co.nz for consulting.


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