5 simple home updates to make a new build house a home


Purchasing a property is a really exciting time as it offers the opportunity to put your own stamp on your place; yet if you’re not hugely into interior design, it isn’t always a simple process to start. If your new house is a new build, it will most likely feel like you have a blank canvas to fill, with many a white wall needing attention.

Regardless of whether you prefer decors that exude tranquillity or more dramatic styles, there are various ways to change your interiors quickly and effectively. Here, housing association and shared ownership specialists, Aster Group, discuss their top 5 tips for turning your new-build house into a home.

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Choose the colour palette

Everything starts with colour. For rooms that require a sense of peace and quiet, aim to incorporate pastel shades. Blues, creams, greens and light purples are the perfect hues for radiating serenity, which is particularly suited to bedroom and bathroom spaces. Once you’ve set up your colour palette for each individual room, you can start mixing and matching furniture and decorative pieces accordingly, bringing your personality to life within each space.

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Add in artwork

 There is no better way to inject life into a space than through artwork and photographs. This part of the decorating process is a fantastic opportunity to look over old photos and treasured memories to bring those most precious moments into your new home with you. A mixture of photographs and art adds depth to a space; whether you’re a fan of abstract, asymmetric elements, nature or simplicity, there are so many options to choose from. If you’re not sure where to start, consider three main factors. Do the colours match your theme? Does the style go with the aesthetics of your space? And finally, how does the artwork make you feel? Once your artwork has ticked all of these boxes, go ahead and dress up your walls.

Use home accessories

Soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws, are a simple addition to making any space feel more homely. Layering different textures and patterns is a great way to add depth to a space and this can be done both in the form of soft textiles and window treatments. Incorporating a variety of different furnishings into a room will immediately make the space appear more welcoming and will ultimately create a cosy atmosphere.

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Bring in the outdoors 

Particularly if your new home doesn’t have outdoor space, incorporating plants into your home décor is highly recommended. Houseplants are having a real moment within the world of interiors, with their popularity soaring as most people are spending more time at home than ever before. Though real plants have some fantastic health properties, faux plants are a fantastic and budget-friendly alternative. They have the same visual effect and require a lot less maintenance, all while providing a much-needed injection of personality to a neutral space.

living room

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Light it up

Your lighting choices can make the difference between a room having a warm and inviting feel as opposed to dark and gloomy. Of course, the more natural light coming from the windows the better, but there are still many great lighting solutions that can be applied in spaces where sunlight is at a minimum. Consider warm-toned lights rather than blue-tinted or bright white ones, as the latter can feel more sterile and less homely. Try layering different lighting sources like fairy lights or candles within living spaces to create an effective ambience.

Though some homes require more investment than others, incorporating these simple tips into your decorating routine is a sure-fired way of making your new-build house feel like a home in no time at all. Thanks to Aster Group for consulting


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