What Makes A Modern Farmhouse


It’s no secret that when it comes to interior design, the modern farmhouse style is extremely popular right now.   While I don’t always go for fads, this trend is one that I truly love. I grew up in a very old farmhouse on a big farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, so this look is near and dear to my heart.

What I love about the modern farmhouse style is the airiness and lightness to it. Gone are heavier, darker woods and rooster motif wallpaper. Instead we have beautiful bleached wood beams, neutral color palettes, and large open concept rooms.

modern farmhouse kitchen

via Millhaven Homes

Characteristics of the Modern Farmhouse

Returning to natural materials

Next, modern farmhouses pay homage to their roots of the land. Even if they only sit on half an acre, they often feature a lot of natural materials and elements. You won’t find linoleum or wall-to-wall acrylic or polyester carpet in the modern farmhouse.

Here you will find wood in natural tones and stone surfaces, like counters. Accents including hardware, lighting, or railings will be of iron. If artfully included, you could find even the best stainless steel railing.

Rugs will be over hardwood floors and be wool, silk, or another natural fiber. These materials will also be artfully combined to mimic the combinations of materials and textures we find in nature.

modern farmhouse kitchen

via Millhaven Homes

An emphasis on sustainability

A true modern farmhouse will not be a resources hog. Appliances will be Energy Star approved. Light bulbs might look like the vintage Edison bulbs, but they will be LED. Water fixtures like faucets and showerheads will be water saving. On the roof you might find solar panels, or a solar water heater. These systems could also include a solar storage tank. Cooling solutions might include heat pumps or other energy efficient systems.

modern staircase

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An emphasis on openness and togetherness

Lastly, the perfect modern farmhouse doesn’t include small, confining spaces. The modern farmhouse is full of large open spaces and high ceilings. There is plenty of space for the entire family, and even the best live in companion to be together. Whether it is during mealtime, game or movie night, togetherness is always a possibility. Open concept rooms also means natural light from the windows can stream in to the home as far as possible.   Instead of separate bedrooms for the kids, a modern farmhouse has a better solution. There is sometimes one large bunkroom for sleeping, and a separate space for playing and being together.

modern farmhouse living room

via Millhaven Homes

In conclusion

To sum it all up, the modern farmhouse is about tranquility, togetherness, and respecting the natural world. The materials used don’t leach harmful chemicals and are responsibly sourced. Appliances and energy systems are all energy efficient. Rooms are often open concept and encourage quality time spent together. Thanks to Hydro Solar, glassrailings.ca, and Spectrum Healthcare for collaborating with us on this post.


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