Unique ways to use colour within bedroom interiors


A bedroom is the one space in your home that truly reflects you and your unique personality. One of the easiest ways to give your bedroom its own character and charm is including splashes of colour throughout its interiors.

It’s said that colours tend to reflect your mood and emotions, so when choosing the right colour scheme, it’s recommended to think of the atmosphere you want to create and go from there. Whether it be a bright orange, or a muted blush pink, your chosen colours can be added in five easy yet unique ways throughout your bedroom interiors.


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Cushions and Throws

 Adding a couple of decorative cushions onto your bed is a subtle and exciting way of incorporating colour. There are so many interesting and unique cushions available on the market for affordable prices, making it even more achievable to create your ideal style. Equally, matching these cushions with a textured throw will tie the whole room together, making it not only more colourful, but also much cosier.

A popular colour seen in many bedroom interiors this year has been blush pink. What was once deemed juvenile, blush pink now has an element of style and class and can be incorporated very subtly with the addition of cushions and throws.


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Curtains can often be overlooked when thinking about adding colour into the bedroom. However, bespoke made to measure curtains can come in a wide range of colours, styles and textures and are a perfect and unique way to add some personality into your bedroom.

Incorporating colour through curtains shouldn’t seem like a daunting concept. However, as curtains are quite a prominent feature in the bedroom, it’s important that you colour coordinate them well with the rest of your bedroom, especially the walls to avoid clashing.


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 Mirrors are an essential to the bedroom as it’s a room in which many people get themselves ready. However, despite its functional use, a mirror doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, adding a bold, statement mirror is one of the easiest ways to express your personality within your bedroom.

Earthy tones, such as chocolate brown and olive green are very on-trend this year and are likely to be carried through to the next season. Incorporating these rich and warm tones through a mirrors’ frame will instantly add texture and colour to your room. Equally, if you are wanting to revamp on a budget, simply paint the frame of an existing mirror to achieve the same effect.


via Andrea West Design


A bedroom should feel cosy and comfortable, which can be achieved by the addition of a rug. If the rest of your room is fairly neutral, making a colourful rug the focal point is a perfect idea to show off your unique personality.

We suggest bright and bold colours to create that on-trend monochromatic effect, which makes a statement. Also, on-trend this year are rounded edges, so try opting for a circular or abstractly shaped rug for that added element of style.


 Plants have been popular this year, making them one of the biggest trends of 2020. If you are a fan of greenery, consider adding plants within your home to add both colour and a natural touch throughout.

However, remember that whilst real plants are trendy right now, many real plants are high maintenance and difficult to upkeep, so be sure to remember to water and tend to your plants to keep them looking full and healthy.

There are so many ways to uniquely add colour to your bedroom that express your personality. Whether these additions be minor, such as decorative cushions and plants or make a bold statement with curtains and rugs, they will certainly bring your bedroom to life. Thanks to Terry’s Fabrics for Consulting




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