7 Modern Interior Design Ideas for Your Empty Wall


When you are at home, do you ever look at the walls of the room you are in and think to yourself how nice it would be if they looked a little more interesting? Good interior home decoration can really make a house feel like a home, but the wrong wall decor can make you hate the space you are in and we don’t want that. Whether you collect charming prints, bespoke posters or classic books, a few simple yet inspirational design ideas can really inject your personality into (or rather onto) your walls. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy home renovation job in order to spice up your walls. There are a number of ways you can breathe new life into your home interior and there is something for every style and budget. Put down the roller and magnolia paint can and let’s take a look at what you might be able to do with your space. Timothy Godblood library via Timothy Godblood

  1. Personalized Picture Gallery

  A great way to make a house feel more homely is to put up printed photographs in individual frames. Get your favorite shots from your phone printed out in a range of different sizes, or rummage in the bottom of the closet for your old Kodak prints in albums that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Once you have selected a handful of photographs, pick out frames for each of them. Make sure the frames are varied sizes for the best effect and place them randomly across one entire wall. The greatest thing about your wall gallery is that it can be as big or as small as you want – from a cluster of photos on the wall, to a full floor-to-ceiling display of memories.

  1. Wall Hangings

Tony Curry landing via Tony Curry Putting a tapestry on your wall can add interesting colors and patterns to a space without the permanence of paint. Most wall hangings are soft, and they come in a range of different textiles, depending on the vibe you want to establish. While this can be pretty costly depending on the tapestry size and fabric, for a more budget friendly option think about framing pretty scarves you may no longer wear or ones you see in vintage markets with a cool print. For a retro vibe in your room, consider a macramé hanging. These bold knotted textiles can make a strong statement and can be really effective in relaxing pastel hues.

  1. Custom Artwork

A great way to fill a large space on the wall, artwork is a popular choice for many people. But have you thought about a personalized piece, completely unique to you and your home? Forget an original Picasso portrait for hundreds of millions of dollars. Instead, get your favorite pictures from your phone printed in a stunning watercolor artwork to fill your entire wall. 

  1. Shelving 

Timothy Godblood bedroom via Timothy Godblood Not perhaps one of the most interesting additions to a wall, shelving is by far one of the most practical and it does not need to be mundane. When you run out of floorspace for your literary collection and don’t fancy cramming any more into your bookcase, adding shelves can be a fantastic solution. From the elaborate to the minimalist there is a shelf style for all tastes; whether you want an embellished wooden piece or prefer sleek floating shelving, there is a shelf to suit all budgets. Of course, you don’t need to just use shelves to house books. You can add a range of ornamental features to your shelving, mixing chic interior design elements with functional practicalities.

  1. A Map

Whether you are looking to teach your little ones where countries are or seek a fun way to keep track of the countries you have visited, wall maps come in endless variations and styles. There are a number of places online where you can purchase personalized maps with as much or as little detail as you would like, in just about any color you desire. From spikey iron outlines for bold, futuristic statements to homely textures of warm wood tones, adding a map to a room can be a great conversation starter, not to mention a prominent reminder of how much of the world there is to see. On many cork or wooden maps, you can keep track of the places you have visited by adding pushpins to each country. Make the map truly unique to you and take the opportunity to add some of your favorite travel snaps to your board, displaying your fondest memories of the places you have visited. Tony Curry via Tony Curry

  1. Whiteboards and Chalkboards

If you are trying to find a suitable option for wall space in a kitchen or office, you might want to think about hanging an oversized chalkboard or whiteboard. Both serving as very practical additions to any room, a chalkboard will suit a rustic aesthetic while a whiteboard is a more contemporary version of the same thing. Useful for jotting down thoughts at a moment’s notice, or for leaving reminders for loved ones to buy new milks, both boards come in a variety of colors. If you cannot find a color you like, you can purchase chalkboard and even whiteboard paint in a number of tones to suit your color scheme.

  1. Wall Mounted Desks

If you are low on floor space but have flat, empty walls staring at you, why not install a wall mounted desk? Whether you need somewhere to place your laptop or a bigger space to have dinner when you have friends over, wall mounted tables can be an ideal space saving solution. Wall mounted tables are relatively easy to install and can be found in a range of textures, materials and colors. With one to suit any budget, they are great to fold down to use as you need and then place right back up against the wall when you need the floor space to be free. Any one of these ideas could make for a perfect addition to an empty wall in your home. Versatile and flexible, there are endless ways to decorate any wall you may want to add new life to. These modern modifications to your wall space are fun and interesting ways to inject character into your space. Fantastic alternatives to simply painting a wall a bold color or adding an interesting wallpaper, with these decor ideas you can completely overhaul the vibe of your room, saving you from needing to decorate the entire room.  


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