Maintaining the looks of your house is a part of maintaining your personality and living standards. That welcoming outlook and the fine-looking interior complimenting your residence make it a desirable package of comfort and beauty for anyone who visits it. It’s what society uses to form their opinions and take an impression of you along with them. But, it might be a job easier said than done.

We all live by juggling multiple life roles as part of our routine. Amidst all this, it can be a challenge to keep your house updated and tackle the responsibilities of maintenance and repairs. Besides, it comes as no surprise to the residents of Spokane Valley that hiring a handyman for every job can mess up your monthly finances big time. So what you do need here are ideas that are light on the budget, but can still help give a fresh look to your house interior.

It is where DIY tips can come in handy to get the job done for you. People post them online from all over the world, and you can try them out without hiring an outside man for the job. Most of these make use of whatever you have available at home or disposable items that you no longer need. And besides all this, there are hundreds of solutions for all sorts of problems. That gives you a lot of variety to choose from while considering your options.

Here are some of the top DIY tips to give a fresh look to your house interior and keeps its charm alive for long.

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Rugs, runners, and carpets are how you make your floors more aesthetic and elegant, but they are likely to gather dirt or suffer from spills. You can go for the expensive carpet cleaners on the market, or make one using dishwashing detergent, vinegar, and baking soda. Add a tablespoon of detergent and vinegar to a bottle, pour in a cup of warm water, put in a tablespoon of baking soda, and quickly cover with the lid. Target the stains before going for an overall clean while using this.

However, if your carpet has survived for too long, you might want to consider some professional Carpet Cleaning in Spokane Valley to restore it to its original state.


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Kitchen cabinets suffer from heat, steam, oil spills, and spices. Everything that can steal their elegance and make them spoil the look of your entire kitchen. Taking out the time to refinish them might be a good idea to give your kitchen a significant makeover. Get hold of a powerful cleaner, scrub, sandpaper, a paintbrush, and the paint. Give the cabinets a thorough clean, use the sandpaper to work on any patches, and then apply a coat of paint. You can also go for the use of wax to give it a protective layer against all these elements and preserve that fresh look for long.


Sometimes it isn’t the interior that’s giving off a negative vibe, but what’s covering it. Make sure that you are not using bed linens that go against the theme of your room. Try to restock them whenever possible and pick on the vibrant side of a color palette to keep things lively. That should help make it look attractive to all your guests.


The only way of using a doorknob is to pull and rub it. It doesn’t take any brains to figure out from there that they are most likely to fade in color and spoil the look of your doors. Luckily enough, they are the easiest to replace around the house. Go and grab a new set at your earliest to avoid letting the old ones sit on the handles.


The lights also make a huge difference when it comes to making your interior look flashy. Try to get some bright lamps on the areas you want under focus around the house. Use a creative piece for your study or night times to make them look even more aesthetic. Another suggestion is to use them on the entryway. Place it on the porch and right after someone enters to give it a look that stands out.

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You might have overspent on the long dining table which you never use anymore. Try to take it out and replace it with a more intimate choice. The small rounds tables that are enough to accommodate your family might be an excellent pick.

While at it, you can also consider upgrading the tableware that you have been using for long. Some of the innovative stuff on the market promise a better life and looks to suit your needs.


The windows are a great place to consider decorating in different ways. You have the option of using wood shutters to protect yourself against the prying eyes. But, an even better alternative is to dress them with curtains and blinds. You can find several fascinating options that will complement the rest of your setup with ease.

However, if you want something attractive, go for some linen curtains. You can either pick a design from a large variety or order one to your liking. That will add charms to your house interior and make it look fresh.


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Plants are a natural way of beautifying your house and giving it the fresh feel that you so desire. You can think of different ways to add them to the mix, designate a small indoor garden to them, or spread them around the house. There’s also the option of hanging one or two of those from the ceilings. Plus, they can easily cover up the flaws of the rest of your interior if you place them strategically.

Besides the color and feel, they also contribute to making you healthier with the extra oxygen, which is a bonus feature. So not only will your house exhibit the effects of this change, but so will you.


These were some of the most helpful DIY tips to give a fresh look to your house interior and make it stand out despite the age. Once you start trying them out, you are likely to fall in love with the outcomes in no time. However, if you have a more specific part of the interior to cover up, you can always turn to the internet and find tons of solutions relevant to your needs. Thanks to Clean Master Inc for collaborating.


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