6 Ways To Spot Foundation Issues In Your House


When you own a home there is always the potential for expensive repairs. One of the most dreaded issues with a home is problems with the foundation. If you have a weak or damaged foundation, it can affect the safety and security of your whole home.

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The expense of a foundation repair can be reduced if you find issues earlier rather than later. Average foundation repairs can reach as high as $7,000 and catastrophic home repairs can cost you a fortune. Keeping an eye out for some common signs that indicate an issue with your foundation can save you money in the long run.

Because foundation repairs aren’t typically covered by home insurance, you want to address your concerns as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can spot foundation issues with your home and get things taken care of in a hurry.

Wall Cracks

Visible cracks in your exterior or interior walls are the most obvious sign of a foundation issue. Smaller cracks near your windows and doors can be minor and be as a result of the seasonal expansion. However, larger cracks should be investigated immediately.

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Test Your Doors & Windows

Depending on the age of your home, it’s not unusual to find stiff windows or doors. However, if you notice that several of your doors and windows are becoming increasingly difficult to open and close it could indicate a problem. If your foundation is starting to shift, it can slightly distort the frames of your doors and windows. This misshaping can make them difficult to open and close.

Sagging Floors & Ceilings

When your foundation is doing its job, your floors should be nice and even. If you notice a sloping or sagging in your floors and ceilings this is a sign that you may have a foundation problem. As your foundation weakens or shifts, it puts pressure on your walls and support structure. This can cause bowing of your main floors and ceilings. This is definitely a danger and it should be rectified by hiring a foundation repair Frisco team to do a proper fix.


You will likely be able to smell a mold problem before you can see it. Take a trip down to your basement to see if you can pick up any musty odors. This kind of smell may indicate that you have a hidden moisture problem.

If you are finding mold in the corners of your door and window moldings you should address the problem quickly. As moisture seeps into your foundation, it can affect its strength and integrity. If you can’t spot any obvious cracks in the foundation you can install a dehumidifier to help dry out the area.

Window Gaps

If your foundation is not holding its weight you may start to see gaps in the structure of your exterior windows. If you can see light through your window casings and your walls or feel a distinct draft, your window casings may be shifted.

Chimney Slant

Your chimney is an integral part of your home’s foundation. If you start to notice that your chimney doesn’t look like it’s standing straight, it could indicate a problem with your foundation. A significant lean to your chimney could also mean that it is in danger of collapsing, which could put your family in danger.

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Your home’s foundation is the most important part of the structure. Staying aware and keeping an eye out for these common indicators of foundation issues can help you catch problems early and save you money. Thanks to Boulder Contractors for collaborating.


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