What is the best flooring for an unheated sunroom?



Sunrooms are way more different from the rest of your house. Their constant exposure to the elements and traffic from outside means that sunroom floors should be sturdy and fade- and moisture-resistant. However, choosing a sunroom flooring type can be challenging, given the stark weather differences throughout the year. Much as the floors need to keep from overheating and burning bare feet during summer, they should also be able to absorb sunlight to warm the room come wintertime.

With each floor type having its advantages and its advantages, you will have your work cut out. As such, you need to pick what works best for you. Here are a few flooring types for unheated rooms.

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

  1. Carpeting

Carpeting is an excellent way of covering your floor, as well as adding some aesthetic value to your sunroom. The upside of carpets is that they rarely, if ever, heat up in the summer and keeps your feet snug and warm in the winter. You may, however, have to make sure to purchase an indoor/outdoor type that will stand firm against the weather. 

  • Hardwood

Elegant, easier on the eye and beautifully crafted hardwood floor is always a deal clincher. Light-colored wood is not only aesthetic, but they also make fading less noticeable, giving you that elegant look for a very long time. You may thus be forced to keep off darker stains or put down a sturdy indoor/outdoor rug over your dark-stained floor to extend your wood’s life. However, hardwood flooring doesn’t retain much heat in colder weather in cold places or during winter.


Quality wood laminate is a capable substitute for hardwood for those looking to get all the benefits of hardwood floors while avoiding the high costs of buying and installing one. Laminate is cheaper and easier to install than other materials. You only need to worry about fading, with the wrong kind likely to fade quickly. Always make sure that your chosen laminate variety includes ultraviolet protection to extend its lifespan. Alternatively, you may also want to treat your laminate with an oil-based stain as well.

  • Tile

Tiles are an excellent option for your sunroom’s floor if you’re struggling with a bit of humidity. It’s also pretty durable when it comes to wear and tear. Maintenance is also a breeze. Just do a little research and select and purchase one of the Best Tile Floor Steam Cleaners. They are also suitable for moderating temperatures during warmer months besides being as versatile as allowing for various floor designs. Be careful when picking them out because very dark tiles can get pretty hot after a few hours in the sun.


Linoleum is quickly regaining its reputation as an eco-friendly flooring option, and is slowly but steadily coming into fashion again. Linoleum is also extra sturdy and can stand up to the heaviest traffic, making it a fantastic choice in any sunroom. It’s also extra easy to clean. Its only downside is that it is susceptible to fading. So, take care to look for sun-resistant types.


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