Ideas for an energy saving fitted kitchen


The kitchen is the central part of the home, and surprisingly, it accounts for a significant amount of household’s energy consumption. As the UK’s energy pricing are hitting hard, you look forward to cutting power bills, water bills, and other energy charges. Focusing on the kitchen design may help you achieve your energy-saving goals.

This guide to energy-efficiency kitchen solutions showcases five designs that serve this purpose. Check the kitchen in stock of various suppliers to make the right choices.

Installing Solar Thermal

A Fitted kitchen with solar thermal will help save substantial energy. For your hot water needs, air source or ground source heat pumps are a better option. While renovating your kitchen, consider your choices while checking how to heat your kitchen. The new design solar panels will provide a renewable heating solution. They operate silently and are smaller in size.

Remodeling and Proper Ventilation are Essential

Remodeling your kitchen is another effective way to save energy. Renovating the kitchen brings a lot of energy benefits. Older kitchens have poor ventilation, less natural light, and faulty fittings and appliances. You may replace the old one with the fitted kitchens in stock to get more natural light to save energy in winter. Old electrical fitting, gas top, and cabinets can be replaced with efficient models.

Redesign the kitchen with the plenty of ventilation for the fridge and microwave to let the air circulate better. While choosing timber for flooring and cabinetry, look for certified and chemical-free products. Melamine and MDF products are eco-friendly. Using products made from bamboo is another great way to save energy.

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Reusing Sustainable products

Reusing sustainable products is excellent for your kitchen and environment. The most relaxed approach to decrease kitchen waste is to make a wise decision and use them effectively. Opt for drawers rather than kitchen cupboards if you have smaller space. You may go for simple cabinets and a worktop giving it a new look. Also, look for eco-friendly flooring.

Go for the highest energy-saving appliances for electricals and water. Upgrade the dishwashers with improving technology and insulting techniques.

Using recycling materials helps save energy. In a freestanding kitchen, you may use recycled cabinets or drawers. A new Quartz worktop with recycled materials is far more eco-friendly and saves energy. At the same time, choose stainless steel for sinks.

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Energy-Saving Appliances

Fitted kitchens in stock at leading suppliers have new tools. If you thinking of kitchen renovation, a fridge with a better energy rating uses less electricity. This fridge will go in the long run and saves your money and power.

Check with the kitchen fitter and choose the most efficient appliances by looking at the star rating. Most electrical appliances have six or seven grades.

LED Light options save energy

LED bulbs are super-efficient and more affordable. These lights have a longer expected life-span, which makes them worth the investment.

Plant- Saving Technology

Modern fitted kitchen appliances aim to streamline your tasks along with eco-friendly nature. You may go for an electric kettle rather than boiling the water tap.

According to the report, the UK people waste £68 million a year on electric boiling. The latest cooking appliances reduce power consumption, and they help you use less water and heat them quickly, thus saving energy.

Choose the appliances which have energy rating levels for your new kitchen. The scale on the electric appliances shows water use, capacity and noise used depending on its category.

The kitchen renovation is costly, but choosing energy-saving designs saves your money in the long run. Energy-efficient appliances are worth investing in. And finally, using LED lights on your worktops and floors with separate switches will help you use less energy. Thanks to kitchen room for consulting.


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