Restore Your Home’s Interior With These Magnificent 6 Tricks

Unless you have an unlimited budget, refreshing and refurbishing your home’s interior will likely mean you’ll keep most of your original furniture and look for other ways to spruce things up. With a little bit of research and know-how, you can rejuvenate the interior of your home, making it look more refined without going overboard in labour and spending. Follow these tricks to restore your home’s interior.
via Meg Lonergan Interior Design
#1 – Replace Your Windows Before you start thinking this will be a huge and expensive task, you don’t necessarily have to replace the windows in every room. It might just be one or two rooms, such as the master bedroom or the living room. If your house has any sort of age about it, there’s a good chance the windows are looking old and rather drab anyway. Imagine replacing the windows in just one room and the difference it would make. Casement windows are popular these days and would be an excellent and modern choice to consider. These windows tend to be double glazed, which helps reduce noise as well as insulate against the heat and cold. Available in a range of styles and colours to suit any decor, the thin uPVC frames are highly weather-resistant and look very stylish. #2 – A Coat Of Paint Could Be All It Takes
via Meg Lonergan Interior Design
Even if you do nothing else but repaint the interior of your house, you’ll be amazed just how fresh and different your home will look. An entire repaint might be better left to professional painters as they’ll get the task done much faster, but if you did want to undertake the painting yourself, it’ll be easier and far less disruptive to your lifestyle if you focus on one room at a time. You could even take things a step further and paint each room a different colour, or create a feature wall in the living room with a bold colour, such as maroon or even black. #3 – Change Out Those Old Curtains For New Blinds Window replacement was mentioned in the first point, but what about the window dressings? Once again, this could just be done on a room by room basis. Replacing old blinds and curtains with new made to measure blinds really modernizes a room. You might choose Roman blinds for the living room, panel glides for those sliding glass doors, Venetian or vertical blinds for the bedrooms. There are so many colours, textures and styles to choose from that you’re spoilt for choice. Just make sure to have them professionally measured, manufactured and installed for that perfect fit. #4 – Revamp Some Of Your Lighting Lighting creates mood and when you can change the mood of a room, effectively you’ve created a different look and feel just through lighting alone. Basic ceiling lights are functional but very boring. You could leave them as-is and place a few lamps around the room to change things up, or you could even install a dimmer switch on that ceiling light so you can adjust the brightness. Dining rooms present a fantastic opportunity to get creative with light, as most likely you’ll have a rectangular-shaped dining table. Hanging a chandelier above the dining table certainly looks classy, as does dangling exquisite pendant lights. #5 – Overhaul the Flooring What you choose to do might vary from room to room. Carpet always seem to be favoured in bedrooms and if your home is old, it might be high time to replace that old carpeting with something fresh. In living areas and hallways, change out your flooring and install either timber flooring or parquetry if you want a cheaper alternative. These floors are very easy to look after and don’t capture all the dust and grime like carpets do. Put new tiles in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry to complete the look. #6 – Add Artwork, Photos and Decorations To the Walls Bare walls everywhere look very sterile. Break up the monotony by hanging some artwork, maybe even a mirror or two. Have a wall that features all of your favourite photos and maybe another wall where you install some shelving to display ornaments and other decorative items. A little touch here and there really brings a home’s interior to life and personalises it. Thanks to Integra windows for consulting.


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