Top Tips To Make Your Big Bedroom A Cozy Haven


Having a big bedroom certainly isn’t something to moan about. However, it does make decorating and furnishing your space a little more challenging. How is it possible to fill a large space without making visual clutter? Even if your bedroom is on the spacious side, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel cozy and comfortable. So, how can you create a feeling of warmth and comfort in a room that has plenty of room to spare? Here are some top designer tips to point you in the right direction.

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Choose The Right Colors

The first step to making your big bedroom a cozy haven is by using the right colors to create a soothing atmosphere. Extra-large bedrooms are often non-conducive to creating the homely feeling that most people prefer in their sleeping space. Yet, by using a color palette of warming, quiet neutrals, it’s possible to achieve a relaxed vibe that adds to the feeling of coziness that is so desirable in a bedroom.

Go Oversized

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A large room requires large furniture and even larger accessories. You should let your room’s architecture lead you in your decorating choices. Scale everything up to suit the size of the space. Choose the biggest Alaskan King Bed you can find to take a central position then add oversized accessories to create the illusion of a regular-sized room. An extra-large headboard, a huge chandelier, and a bulky couch with a paired table will take up all of that additional floor space while also adding more style and aesthetic appeal that suits the available dimensions.

Staying Consistent

One way to bring in the walls of your oversized bedroom and make the space appear smaller and cozier is to stay consistent in your approach. By choosing furnishings, wall coverings, textiles, and drapes in the same colors and patterns, it’s possible to create a space that is cohesive and more in proportion.

Creating Mini Rooms

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One way to make maximum use of your large bedroom is to break up the space into mini rooms. First, choose where your bed will go, then create a floor plan that makes the best use of the available space by thinking of different areas as their own vignettes. For example, creating a separate seating area with chairs and a table, or creating an individual dressing area with a screen, free-standing mirrors and a large dresser and closet allows the space to be harnessed effectively in a creative and practical way while also helping to fill the excess floor area.

Make Two-Tone Walls

If you have high ceilings in your bedroom, one way to trick the eyes into believing the ceilings are actually lower is to paint color only partway up the wall. This creates a cozy feeling, making the room appear instantly warmer and more comfortable. You can achieve this easily by using wainscoting as an effective natural guide for painting, or by just taping off a line then painting all the wall space below it.

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Creating Your Cozy Oversized Space

As you can see, even if you’re lucky enough to have an oversized bedroom, it’s possible to make it appear more cozy, comfortable, and an oasis of homely warmth. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to create a beautiful large bedroom that is everything you ever wanted from your sleeping space. Thanks to Alaskan King Bed for collaborating!


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