Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Pet


The best way to go through life is by sharing it with a pet. Once all the discussions have been made, and the “roles” assigned to each housemate, it’s time to go and pick up your new fur baby. No matter if you’ve chosen to adopt or you’ve decided to purchase your new companion, you’ll be bringing a new living creature into your home. And just as you want your home to be comfortable and accommodating to you, you want to make sure you provide the same to your new pet.

That being said, here are a few tips on how to successfully pet-proof your home and create a welcoming environment for your new fur baby.

Make your home safe

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To an untrained eye, our homes don’t seem particularly hazardous at first glance. However, do know that every power outlet, unsecured cord, open trashcan, easily-reachable knickknacks and even houseplants can pose a huge threat to your pet’s well-being. In addition to food, toys, vet visits, and pet insurance, a major thing you should keep in mind when you get an animal is pet-proofing your home. So, no matter the type of pet you’re bringing into your home, make sure you first remove, tighten, secure and close off anything that can potentially harm them in any way. If the pet you’ve chosen will roam freely around your house, make sure there’s zero chance they can get themselves in any kind of trouble.

Create a personal space for your pet

Furthermore, your new pet will need to have their own personal spaces, so that they can fully feel like a real part of your family. Of course, if you choose pets that are going to spend the majority of their days in cages or aquariums, those will pretty much be their own oases. However, if you bring home a more active pet, such as a puppy or a kitten, you’ll need to ensure they have a designated space of their own. Also, if your kitten is going to be an indoor cat only, you’ll need to provide them with a designated place where they can relieve themselves. So, make sure you check out some quality cat litter boxes as well.

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Make your pet feel welcome

Next, since your fur baby will be going through a huge change – even though the change is for the better – you will need to make sure you do all you can to make them feel welcome in their new homes. What this means is that you will need to obtain some animal-appropriate toys and stock up on treats. You want to choose treats that are both healthy and delicious. If you are especially worried about your pet (cat/dog) settling in, particularly if they are quite an anxious animal, then you may want to try using pet sticks that contain CBD as many consultants suggest CBD for dogs and cats as it helps to ease any tensions caused by anxiety-provoking situations such as moving home. Dogs and cats, particularly when they’re still small, are super active and they require lots of attention. So, you’ll need to have something that will help you keep them engaged and active throughout the day. Additionally, pet treats will be a great help especially throughout the training portion of your pet’s adjustment period. Quick treats are usually best for training use, but you can also give your pup treats such as bully sticks as a reward and to keep him busy.

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Prepare for the adjustment period

Every new pet owner needs to realize they’re bringing a baby into a new environment. Sure, it might be an animal baby, but it’s still a baby nonetheless. So, you’ll need to prepare yourself for some late-night crying that just won’t stop. That being said, one of the biggest mistakes new pet owners make is bringing their fur babies into the bed with them to soothe them. This will only eventually result in having to share your bed with your pet. If that’s something you don’t mind, that’s fine. But it’s always a better idea to simply tough through the adjustment period and teach your pet to sleep in their own beds.

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Change some of your old habits

In the end, your new pet won’t be the only one who will need to go through an adjustment period. Instead, you’ll also need to let go of some of your old habits and make room for some new ones. First off, you’ll need to change the way you clean your home. While you’re probably used to cleaning your home with store-bought products, do know they can potentially be very dangerous for your pet. Moreover, if you get a puppy, you’ll need to ensure they get plenty of walks each day, multiple times a day. Once you have a perpetually clean space, you can buy that recording system you’ve always wanted so you can learn what your pet really does when you’re not home- !

With all of that said, getting a pet is so much more than just bringing an animal into your home. It will require some proper research and adjusting on both of your parts. However, once the adjustment period is over, you can expect a life filled with joy and love. Thanks to the Gear Hunt for collaborating!


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