Give your kitchen a facelift without spending any money


Our kitchens are where we start our mornings, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy our homes most.  We spend so much energy and time in them that it seems obvious that it’s the room more likely to be updated than any other in our house.

Unfortunately, our wallets don’t always match our want to update- if that’s the case with you, here are some simple steps to update your home.

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Scrub It Out

It may not seem like much, but deep cleaning your kitchen can be a massive step in the right direction.  Make sure that every surface is sparkling, from the sink to tile grout.  Give your kitchen the deep cleaning that you keep promising yourself you’ll do when you have more time.  If some stains won’t come out or your grout won’t come clean, there are tons of DIY recipes out there on how to use household goods to deep clean and polish.

If your kitchen has windows, make sure to clean those as well.  It will let in more light and let your kitchen feel fresh and new.  This step is also an excellent time to pull everything out of your cabinets and wipe them down inside and out.

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Consider Your Layout

If you have a kitchen island or appliances that sit on your countertop, reconsider their placement.  Look at how they fit into the room, and if they make your kitchen more accessible.  If not, change it up and put them somewhere that will let the room flow better.

Although there may be a few missteps with this, and you might have to change them around a couple of times before you find something perfect for you, it will be worth it.  Since replacing them would be expensive without a Home Depot promo code, reorganizing them would be the best way you can breathe fresh life into them.

Mix Up Decor

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Try things you ordinarily wouldn’t with the decor!  If you have some beautiful decorative plates, use them as wall decoration.  You can also press flowers, frame them with some spare frames you have, and use those as well.  Decor should be the most natural thing if you don’t let yourself overthink it.

Be sure to keep fresh fruit in bowls on counters: they look lovely in glass mixing bowls- or metal colanders that you don’t use so often.  The fruit is almost free decoration since it doubles as food.

via Lauren Haskett Fine Interiors

Show Off What You Have

If you still aren’t sure what to do and want something drastic, consider taking the doors off of your dish cabinets.  It’s an extreme change that will show off your beautiful dishware, make it easier to reach them, and also make your kitchen feel more open.  Although this tip won’t work if your cabinets are disorganized, or you’re not proud of your dishware, it can be useful for a lot of people.  Unfortunately, you will probably have to spend a little to refinish where the screws were in the cabinets to hold on the doors- but it’s a small price to pay for such a significant change. Thanks to Brad’s Deals!


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