Sergey Taitler On Knowing Who To Contact When It’s Time To Have Your Roof Evaluated

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All American Exterior Solutions owner Sergey Taitler has seen his share of terrible roofing jobs. Not only can a bad roof installation force the property owner to pay full price for a complete overhaul, but collateral damage resulting from mediocre work often costs double or triple the original invoice.

While having a roofing consultant is not necessary for every job, there are definitely situations through which you should consider having a roofing consultant to evaluate your roof.   That said roofing companies like All American Exterior Solutions have a team of expert roofing contractors that can handle evaluating and providing estimates for most jobs.  But if there is a job requiring a roofing consultant Sergey explains what you can expect.

What is a Roof Consultant?

Though roof consultants may also be expert roofers, their job is to perform a pre-roofing inspection.

Roof consultants investigate every “nook and cranny” of the roof’s structure, aging, damage, and quality of previous roof maintenance and repair. At the end of their inspection, they produce a report with directives for installing or repairing the roof correctly.

Qualified roof consultants are typically registered with the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants and are certified in a variety of facilities and construction-related fields.

As a homeowner or property manager, it is unreasonable for you to know all the details of how your roof should be built or replaced, says Sergey Taitler. That’s why even architects and homebuilders make frequent use of registered roof consultants.

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Sergey Taitler Explains When You Should Consider Have Your Roof Examined by a Professional

When It’s Time for a Replacement

Depending upon the materials used to construct your roof, it will need to be replaced every so many years. For example, Sergey Taitler notes that asphalt roofs (the most common type of roof for residential properties) should be replaced every 20-30 years.

Additionally, at times, roofs may not have been installed properly the first time around, thus impacting the lifespan of your roof. As you initiate plans to replace the roof, you may consider bringing a roof consultant on board to ensure that the new installation goes smoothly and is completed properly.

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When You’re Planning Extensive Building Repairs or Renovations

If you are making serious modifications to a building, there is a good chance that those changes will affect the roof. A roof consultant will be able to show you how to maintain the integrity of your roof or develop plans for necessary roof maintenance, note experts at All American Exterior Solutions.

Even a job as small as installing solar panels can merit the input of a roof consultant. Not every solar installation company does excellent work.  During the install you want to make sure that someone like a roof consultant will be able to oversee the installation so that your roof remains unharmed in the process of making the modifications required to install solar panels.

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When Something is Wrong with Your Roof

As soon as you notice side effects of a bad roof – leaks, bulges, etc. – calling a roofing contractor to investigate the root cause of the problem is a good idea. says Sergey Taitler.  Most roofing experts have qualified contractors that can easily evaluate the work needed and get you on your way to having a reliable roof again.

While experts at All American Exterior Solutions note that all roofing contractors should be able to handle simple repairs, there are situations through which you may want to call a consultant that is independent of the contracting company to provide an objective opinion to ensure you aren’t talked into more extensive and expensive repairs.  Thanks to Sergey Taitler for consulting!


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