More Helpful Homeowner Tips: 5 Safety Risks Parents aren’t Aware of


Here’s a thought that’s in most Melbourne parents’ minds throughout the day: ‘how can I keep my kids safe in my hometown?’. Unfortunately, there are risks such as your child getting snatched or hurting themselves while at school. But you also need to turn your attention to your immediate surroundings.

Homes are havens, but they’re also filled with risks. Is it time to install safer garage doors Melbourne or other large cities’ experts can supply you with? Or perhaps you need to take a walk through your home, think like a curious child and identify risks you’re not aware of. Below we’ll shed some light on some of the most important areas in your home that may require you to change habits or take action.

Once you read this, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

ANY Cord Can Pose a Risk

You’re simply installing new curtains or an innovative appliance. Nothing wrong with that, right? No, but consider the risk of any long piece of fabric, rope or electric cord you add to your home. For small children this unfortunately creates a possibility of injury:

  • Small kids or even older children running around can trip over cords lying on the floor. They can injure themselves if they fall against sharp or solid objects. Always make sure electric extension cords are safely tucked away behind a cupboard or stick them to the floor with strong tape.
  • If your child manages to reach it, he or she can get tangled in the rope connected to your window blinds. Find a way to secure them out of sight and out of reach.

Note that it doesn’t matter what type of rope it is, its length or what the diameter is; it’s a potential risk if your child has access to it.

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How do You Pack Your Dishwasher?

Here’s something that’s more common than you think: kids getting hurt at the dishwasher. You know your kids are curious so limit the number of places around the house they can hurt themselves while investigating their surrounds. Of course it’s best to keep it closed when you’re not using it, but also make sure all cutlery is placed with the sharp ends facing downwards. At least they won’t cut themselves while touching random objects they see in there.

Self-installed Appliances

These days it’s all about DIY but think twice before you simply attempt a new project such as installing a new light in the baby’s room. To prevent gas leaks, overloaded electric wiring or faulty plumbing, rather call in the pros when renovating.

This is also a tip that will help you in the long-term. When you want to sell the house one day you’ll have to get safety certificates and then you may have to pay a lot of money to get your house aligned with regulations.

Baby Bedding and Borrowed Equipment

Now, we have to mention kids’ bedrooms and personal items too.

Gorgeous bedding is a coveted item for many new parents but make sure it doesn’t prevent them from breathing properly. For example, the padding you add the to a crib’s sides prevents them from bumping their heads, but if a baby rolls over and pushes his or her face into it they can suffocate.

Also think twice about simply accepting secondhand items from friends. If one component is missing from a baby chair or a toy it means it’s not as safe as the brand originally made it to be. Rather buy new and give yourself peace of mind.

Consider Your Car

When it comes to cars, it’s not only an accident on the road you should be worried about. Especially when it comes to movable components, think twice before leaving your child unsupervised.

For example, a powered window is a handy accessory, but there’s a reason some cars have child locks on these items. A child can get a finger, arm or even his or her neck trapped between the window and the door before they realise they need to let go of the button. And don’t leave loose items in the car that toddlers can pick up and accidentally swallow.

Also walk through your garage and make sure you’re not creating unnecessary risks:

  • Are your power tools safely packed away? Even if you usually lock the door, a child may one day sneak inside when you’re not looking.
  • Check the safety of your entry points and book a new garage door installation if yours is old or faulty.
  • A garage can easily become a storage area, but don’t allow too much clutter where kids can trip and hurt themselves. Also ensure that hazardous chemicals are placed in a locked storage compartment.

In Conclusion

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t realise some of these dangers before. You’re doing your best. But be honest about your environment so you can have even more confidence about giving your child the best, safest possible start at life when living in Melbourne. Thanks to Dandenon Garage Doors for contributing.


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