The Importance of Pest Control Services in 2020


The pest control industry globally was worth a whopping $18,214.7 million in 2017 according to a study where pest control trends and market share were researched. This industry is growing year on year and they forecast it’ll be worth $27,609.8 million by 2025.

It’s safe to say pest control services are indeed big business. More so in agriculture driven countries such as Australia, India, Brazil and France. The rise in temperatures as a result of global warming is also a perfect breeding ground for pests. This is bad news for farmers and property owners because getting rid of these persistent invaders can be tricky. 

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To avoid exorbitant costs it’s always good to identify any pest infestation sooner rather than later. Termite infestation is one of the most problematic and costly pests to get rid of, so early detection is key.

We’ll share some handy tips on preventing a complete invasion into your home by unwanted pests. There’s also some new technology used by pest control experts which we’ll touch on. We aim to highlight the determinants and consequences of pest control services & the role they play.

Even though pest control services are understated in society we must realise without it, our environments as we know it can deteriorate.

Why Pest Control is Necessary

Here’s why pest control is applied in certain circumstances:

  • Agriculture: Chemical pesticides are used in agriculture to control and destroy destructive pests that’ll spoil the crops. Stringent pest control measures are put in place to protect the agriculture industry against financial losses and health risks.
  • Home: In your home, you might find insects such as cockroaches, flies or mosquitoes invading your house. Controlling these irritations can be as simple as using an insecticide. When you’re dealing with more vicious invasions such as rats or mice you’ll need to call pest control experts to get rid of it.
  • Commercial: Any business needs to do a pest control check before setting up. Rodents such as rats can not only destroy your premises but pose a health risk to your staff. Constant monitoring is also important. Installing an effective pest control system is one way of preventing any pest activity to flare up.

Avoiding a Complete Home Invasion

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The cost of a complete home invasion from pests such as termites, carpenter ants and rodents is economically challenging. Termite invasion is difficult to detect initially and you need pest control experts to help you identify them.

Carpenter ants destroy your pine or lumber furniture and make holes to lay their eggs in. Rodents such as mice and rats leave hundreds of urine droppings which contaminate your house. They also have the potential to gnaw through your wiring which can set you back financially. To avoid a total collapse of your home and bank balance, try these handy tips to identify pest early:

  • Check for any pest droppings; they’re a sure sign something is up.
  • Are there any signs of pest nesting in your furniture, walls or floors?
  • Pests feast on plants so check for any damages in your garden.
  • Grease tracks are usually signs of pest living in your home so monitor your floors.
  • Any damage to your physical structures in and around the house is a sign of pest invasion.

New Technology in the Pest Control Industry

The evolution of pest control services is both exciting and interesting. No longer are you subject to miscalculated estimations and silly predictions from pest controllers. Technology has brought accuracy and efficiency to the pest control industry. Here are some new inventions you should take note off:

  • Infrared rays that exterminate pests internally
  • Specially trained dogs are now used to detect infestations
  • Birth control is used to limit the reproduction rate of rodents
  • Automated insect monitoring devices (AIM) are used to monitor and trap pests
  • Pheromone traps are used to reduce the impact of chemicals in the environment

Some Dos and Don’ts

It’s always helpful to know what to steer away from and what to embrace. Let’s look at some pest management dos and don’ts quickly:

  • Implement preventative measures as your first call of duty to prevent pests
  • Only apply pesticides when no children and pets are in the immediate area
  • Don’t ever use chemicals intended for outdoor use inside your house or garage
  • More isn’t always better so don’t increase the dosage of pest control substances thinking it’ll be more effective
  • Make it a habit to take your garbage outside regularly
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Final Thoughts

Dealing with pests is never a pleasant task. In most cases, it requires pest control experts to get rid of them effectively. You can avoid the escalating cost of pest eradication by being vigilant around your space and look out for any signs of possible pest infestation.

Early detection decreases the aggregate cost of getting rid of pests. It’s also reassuring knowing all the technological advances made to enhance effective pest control. Soon the pest control industry will introduce even more exciting innovations. We can’t wait. Thanks to Economic Pest for collaborating.


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