10 Useful Tips For Decorating a Productive Home Office


Considering the global repercussions of the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of businesses have asked their employees to work remotely. Are you working from home for the first time?

Your workspace plays a major role in maintaining your productivity. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a distinct area in your house that will serve as your home office. Check out our best tips for designing and decorating a home office that motivates and inspires productivity.

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Find a Quiet Corner

Find a corner in your house that’s reasonably quiet to create your home office. We emphasise choosing any space other than your bedroom, or at least your bed. When you work from your bed, waking up in the morning and feeling motivated will get increasingly difficult as the days pass by.

  • Declutter and Clean

Once you decide on a space, it’s time to declutter and clean. The chaos of a messy space can easily transpire into your psyche and make it difficult to focus.

Clean and store away everything that is not required in your workspace. It’s best to stick to a minimal and simple style.

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  • Get a Comfortable Chair

You’ll likely spend hours on end sitting in your work chair. If you don’t already have a comfortable chair, consider getting one. Trust us, it will save you from back and neck pain.

  • Add a Pop of Green

Adding plants is one of the easiest ways to decorate a home office without going overboard. Succulents, Pothos and Snake plants are some options that are easy to keep alive. If you can’t be bothered at all, get realistic looking fake plants.

  • Order a Few Stress Toys

When you’re stuck inside your house all day, it’s easy to let the monotony demotivate you. Order a few stress toys or even a puzzle, that will help you take a break and revitalise.

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  • Stimulate Olfactory Experiences

Is there a specific smell that reminds you of your workplace? Whether your office uses a floral cleaner or a citrus room freshener, you can recreate the environment with similar smelling candles or aroma diffusers. By stimulating olfactory experiences, you can trick your brain into thinking you’re working in your regular space.

  • Create a Mini Snack Counter

Taking regular breaks is important to feel energised and productive. But unfortunately, you don’t have access to a recreational room or the office pantry. So what now? We suggest you should create your own mini snack corner. Fill a few bins with healthy and not-so-healthy snacks for break time.

  • Bring in Natural Light

Having sufficient light in your workplace is essential to avoid straining your eyes. If there’s a window in the room, open it up to bring in natural light. Sunlight has shown to improve mood and increase focus. If your room doesn’t have access to natural light, install lighting fixtures to properly light up the room.

  • Install Power Strips
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You’ll probably require your laptop, phone and other electronics for work. If your home office doesn’t have easy access to power sockets, put up power strips to conveniently charge your electronics.

Also, during this time you’ll notice an increase in your energy bills. It’s a suitable time to shop around for an affordable energy plan. AGL electricity residential energy plans are available at competitive prices.

  1. Make It Inspirational

What makes you feel inspired and positive? Surround yourself with artwork or family pictures that make you motivated and happy. However, try not to over-decorate and clutter the area.

The Bottom Line

While there is no universal blueprint that will work for everyone, the aforementioned tips are a good place to start. Don’t hesitate to change things up in your office till it feels right for you. Thanks to Electricity Wizard for consulting!


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