Zen and the Art of Bathroom Feng Shui: 5 Tips on Harnessing Positive Bathroom Chi


Your bathroom should reflect cleanliness, tranquility, and positivity. Learn how to achieve all of those things with these bathroom Feng Shui tips

The average adult will spend over 400 days in the bathroom throughout their lifetime.

While what happens in a bathroom isn’t always pretty, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the decor. Instead, improving the overall Feng Shui can provide cleanliness, tranquility, and positivity.

Many of the tips you’ll find on the internet revolve around Feng Shui bathroom location. But, if you’re home is already built, it’s unlikely that you’ll completely move the bathroom.

Instead, use these bathroom Feng Shui decorating tips to achieve inner peace.

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1. Bring in Wood Elements

One of the strongest elements you should include in your bathroom is the Feng Shui wood element.

The wood element is important because it provides both yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) energy and to a room. In addition, wood is associated with spring, which fosters new life and new beginnings.

To bring wood elements into your bathroom, consider wooden cabinets or wood paneling on your walls. You can also add in wooden baskets or boxes to store your linens and hygiene items. Wood is also found within plants, so bring in some lush, green plants that thrive in a humid environment.

Make sure to balance the wood element throughout your bathroom for optimal Chi flow. You don’t want all your wood elements in one corner as they won’t provide the best Fung Shiu all crowded together.

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2. Design in Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Shapes are important when it comes to Feng Shui bathroom decoration. Each shape represents different elements and brings along its own meanings.

Vertical lines and shapes represent growth, which is a great thing to have in a bathroom. This includes both obvious elements like striped wallpaper or more subtle elements like bamboo growing in the corner of the room.

To achieve the Feng Shui earth element, you’ll also want horizontal lines and shapes. Arrange your bath fixtures in horizontal rectangles or place low storage cabinets next to each other to mirror this shape.

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3. Always Shut the Door and Close the Lid

This last tip may seem minor, but in fact, it’s one of the easiest and most important Feng Shui tips you can incorporate into your bathroom.

The bathroom is where water leaves your home. You want the water, and other bathroom by-products, to leave the home. But, you don’t want money, success, or happiness to escape through your bathroom as well.

To keep all the good energy inside your home, keep your bathroom door and the toilet lid closed as much as possible. Not only does this provide positive Feng Shui, but it also keeps your bathroom looking clean and tidy.

Spread Bathroom Feng Shui to Other Rooms

Using these three tips, you can create the most tranquil bathroom Feng Shui possible. Once you start to feel the positive effects of these changes, consider spreading all of this positivity to other rooms of your house.

via Leo Designs Chicago

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