7 Common Types of Lighting Fixtures You Should Know


There are several different types of lighting fixtures that are worth knowing. You can check out our guide here to find out more.

In the overall scheme of home design, lighting is often overlooked by the average person. But it can be the most important part of the room and its look. 

Americans have spent more than $44 million this year on lighting. That shows how big and important this industry is!

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Lighting is disregarded because it can seem overwhelming. It takes time to search through all of the types of lighting fixtures and find the right one for you. 

But we’re here to help! Here is a guide to 7 common lighting fixtures and where they fit best in the home. 

1. Chandeliers

When someone thinks of picking out a new light they probably automatically think of a big chandelier. But this type of light fixture has a very specific spot that it works in a home. 

A chandelier is suspended from the ceiling by a cord. They are often ornate with a type of branching system for the individual lights. These lights direct their light upwards as well. 

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Most chandeliers are large and make a very big statement, which is why they work well in open spaces. They are commonly seen in entryways or formal living or dining rooms. 

This type of light fixture is used more like a decor piece than practical lighting. For choosing the right chandelier, visit a reputable seller like Vonn Lighting.

2. Pendants

Pendants are similar to chandeliers in that they are suspended from the ceiling in the same fashion.

But they have a very different feel to them. They are often more casual in appearance and less grand. Though they can still make a big impact on the design. 

The light from pendants is singular and is directed downwards, which makes them a bit more practical for specific lighting needs. 

Pendant lights are a great choice for over dining tables or over the kitchen island for direct light while cooking and eating. 

3. Flush Mount

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A flush mount is probably the most common lighting fixture throughout homes because it can be used in every setting. 

A flush mount light fixture is attached to the ceiling but does not hang down any distance. It sits right up against the ceiling for a low-profile look. Because they are so common, there is a huge variety of flush mounts. They really come in all shapes and sizes. 

You can find flush mounts in literally every room of the house but definitely in bedrooms, offices, or playrooms. Some designers add them to hallways for an additional design element. 

4. Recessed Lighting 

Recessed lighting is the workhorse of light fixtures that provide a lot of light and brightness to any room. 

These lights are mounted up in the ceiling with the housing, wires, and other mechanical parts hidden. The bulb is flush with the ceiling and doesn’t hang down at all. 

In recent years, this type of light fixture has become very popular and can be found in most newer homes in every room. 

When there is recessed lighting the amount of light and where that light is focused can be completely customized. As many lights as you’d like can be installed and in any pattern you’d like. 

Groups of lights can be connected to the same switch or individual lights can have their own switch for more customization. Recessed lighting also works great with dimmers to be able to further control the amount of light coming out. 

The great thing about recessed lighting is that it does the heavy lifting of really illuminating a space while not being visually disruptive. This allows for a more decorative choice to be made on other light fixtures without sacrificing brightness. 

5. Lamps

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Everyone knows exactly what a lamp is and where they are commonly found within a home. But many may not know how important they really are. 

Lamps are most often used as task lighting. This means that they are used to illuminate a specific area to aid in the completion of that task. So a lamp on a sewing table helps the seamstress to see the stitches in the fabric. A reading lamp helps to see the words on the page clearer.

The right lighting has a tremendous effect on how well your eyes function, especially if there are existing problems. 

6. Accent Lighting

There is another reason that lamps are used within a home and that is for accent or ambient lighting. 

There are times when the overhead lights are just too much and you want a more intimate, cozy feel. That is the time that accent lighting comes to do its job. These kinds of light fixtures provide just enough light to warm up the space but not be too bright. 

They can also be used to highlight a specific area, like a piece of art. 

Accent lighting can be found under the kitchen cabinets, on the walkway into the house, or an extra side table lamp. We add these lights for the mood and not necessarily the function they provide. 

7. Sconces

Another kind of accent lighting that is very commonly found in homes is a sconce. This is a unique kind of accent lighting because they do often provide a decent amount of light and are fairly functional. 

A sconce is a light fixture that is mounted onto the wall, so they are usually fairly small. They come in all kinds of configurations with options for the light to be directed any way you want. You can even choose whether you want these fixtures hardwired in or plugged into the wall. 

Sconces are very decorative with a hint of practicality, which makes them very charming. 

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most impactful things in the design of a room. It can really make or break the overall look and feel of a room. 

With so many types of lighting fixtures available today you are bound to be able to find the right choice for you, your style, and your space. Get to searching to find that perfect fit!

If you would like more tips and tricks for making your space look great, check out our other articles! Thanks to Pagazzi for contributing!


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