Roof Restoration: 6 Signs That Your Home Needs


Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house. It gives you and your family protection from the sun, rain, and weather. Your roof also protects your belongings. Indeed, a life without a roof is unimaginable.

But many of us ignore our roofs. They don’t realize that their roof needs maintenance every few years. Lack of regular maintenance costs them lots of money, and of course, degrade your health too. But how can we know that our roof needs attention? This article talks about roof maintenance signs. If you detect the signs in your roof, it is time to repair it.

1. Age of the roof

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As a thumb rule, every roof must be replaced after every 20-25 years. If you have bought a new house, please ask its previous owner about the roof history. When was it last replaced? Also. know how long has it been since the roof was renovated?

How many shingle layers does your roof have? How proper is your roof ventilation? Please ask these questions before buying your new house. This would give an idea about when to improve your roof. If it’s been more than twenty years since your roof was renovated, ask experts like Rekote Roofing to step in.

2. Look at the shingles

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Shingles are flat, triangular pieces of stone that cover your roof. These components are placed in an interlocking manner on your roof. Shingles are very commonly used in not just Australia and New Zealand, but also the United States. Look at your shingles from time to time. The state of these parts can tell you whether you need roof improvement.

If your shingles are curled or bald, this means your roof needs attention. Curled, cracked or buckled shingles indicate that your roof has surpassed its life. Check those shingles that receive direct sunlight. If there are some missing shingles, this means your roof may leak. Snow, water, and dust might get through your roof and damage your belongings.

Sometimes, your shingles go bald. Shingles having inconsistent surfaces or dark colours indicate that your roof is nearing retirement. Look out for the granules of shingles in gutter pipes. This is a sign of your roof- exhaustion.

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3. A sagging roof

You surely don’t want a sagging roof on your head. It might collapse at any time and cause major damage. A sagging roof means there is a serious structural defect in the roof. Or there might be a foundation-related issue. Get in touch with a structural engineer if your roof is sagging.

4. Seeing sun or water in the attic

Sometimes the wooden beams in your roof need replacement. You can judge this by seeing moisture on the inner surface of your roof. Perhaps the wooden beam is exposed to the weather and is soaking outside moisture. Similarly, if you see sunrays inside your attic, this means your roof needs some fixing.

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5. Moss

Moss is a regular feature on roofs in Australia. These small plants crop up during the dry season and usually don’t cause any major problems to the roof. But if you live in some cold place where it doesn’t get much sunlight, spotting moss on your roof means there is some problem. In that case, don’t scrape off this roof; instead, use a mixture of water and bleach to remove this plant.

6. Flashing problems

If you are getting flashing issues in your chimney, it is time to go in for some roofing overhaul. Go in for a metal-based flashing in your chimney that is resistant to weather and sunlight. Thanks to Rekote Roofing for collaborating!


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