6 Simple And Easy Ways To Make your Beautiful home safe for kids


Babies, toddlers, and growing kids can be inquisitive as they love exploring. They are not scared of any unknown territory; in fact, they enjoy being in a situation that looks dangerous to everyone else. Nooks and corners, plugs and sockets, appliances and furniture, and electric wires and cords are their favorite toys. While it is fun to see the kids explore their home ground, keeping them away from hazards such as harmful chemicals and loose electric cables is imperative.

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Mismanaged cords and cables could lead to falls and accidents for everyone; however, disorderly and disorganized wires around kids could lead to grave accidents. Entanglement and strangulation could be a life-threatening consequence of loose cables around kids. So, parents of small children must organize the wires around the house effectively.

Here are six simple ways to keep your kids safe from getting caught into wires are getting hurt:

1. Get the power strip out of their site:

An exposed power strip could be a common scene around electronics such as TV, music system among other gadget loaded corners of your home. Children are so often attracted to these jungles of wires. An easy solution could be to affix the power strip into the wall at a level, out of reach from the kids. This could get all those wires out of sight and will keep the kids safe from accidents.

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2. Avoid falls near the carpets:

Many wires in the house go under the carpet and could be a potential reason for accidents with kids. As kids are mostly sitting and crawling near the floor, the wires going under the carpets might catch their attention and lead to setbacks. A comprehensive resolution could be investing in carpet cable covers. Companies like Trip Safe Australia make excellent quality carpet cable covers that are easy to use and offer superb wire concealing system without spoiling the carpet.

3. Floor cable covers:

Crawling babies and curious toddlers are at risk of getting themselves entangled into wires and tripping. Using floor cover cables could be an excellent way to avoid such accidents. They can be an excellent wire management solution that lets you cover up to 5 wires neatly. Not only does this prevent involuntary falls, but it also keeps the child’s attention away from the cables.

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4. Keep the wires away from their hands and mouth:

When teething children look at something on the floor, they want to pick it up and eat it immediately. In such cases, if the attractive thing is a bunch of wires- the result could be very dangerous. To avoid any such incidents, soft cable wraps could be the ideal defense. Good quality cable wraps are soft and flexible, so they are safe even if the kids can reach them. Cable wraps are not only suitable for wires on the floor, but they also work well with the cables going against the wall or even on a desk.

5. Address extra-long cords:

Often, one might have long cables going with a wall or across a room. Trimming away these extra wires and only keeping an appropriate length could avoid many accidents around the house. If you need longer wires for the future, you could tug them behind the furniture with the help of tape, cable ties or duct cord covers.

6. Educate growing children and following basic rules:

Talking to children about electric safety starting from a younger age could save them from mishaps. Parents could then follow basic guidelines for conditioning the children.

  • Don’t plug things in and out in front of the children.
  • Stick to more concealing colors for wires around the house.
  • Don’t leave smaller appliances plugged in. Wrap away your hairdryers, laptops, and chargers when they are not in use.

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