Italian Look: Get A Traditional Italian Interior Style at Home

Italy is not just a country; it is instead a way of life! Anything and everything Italian exudes grace, colour, and luxury. Be it a gourmet Italian meal, the crisp Italian fashion or the sultry Italian gelato, all of it is a pure pleasure, The dolce vita! When all of us love Italy so much, why not bring a slice of Italy to our homes? Give your home the perfect Italian look and make it look stylish and unique. Here are some ideas to give your home, the swanky Italian look:
  • Start with the colour:
Ever observed an Italian palette closely? The colours that red, yellow and blue rule that world. Bringing these colours could make any part of your home an Italian masterpiece. You may mix wood and metal to create an enormous couch that makes a statement. Or use a robust coloured vinyl blind for the boldness. Looking for ideas to incorporate these colours into your home? Experts like Advantage Property Styling could make this fantasy a part of your real life.
  • Go style with the tile:
Carpets are a passé when it comes to Italian decors. Going for lighter colour tiles could make your space seem cold and infinite. This trick helps in making even a smaller place look big and luxurious. Tiles make heat management easy; they are easy to clean and pocket-friendly to maintain.
  • Kitchen is the heart of the home:
To Italians, the kitchen is an essential room in the house. It is always the central food zone; it doesn’t matter if the kitchen is big or small. Even if you have a little place, bringing in quality appliances in the kitchen make it lively. Go for lighter and primary colours like black, white and silver and add a beautiful colourful piece for decor. Investing in cast Iron red and turquoise pots and pans could add the perfect Italian touch to the kitchen.
  • The Big bare windows:
The world believes that Italians have a big heart, and the Italian people make it obvious. The big glass windows of your home could bring in an Italian spirit to your living space. A light muslin curtain instead of heavy curtains could increase the expanse of the place while giving a softer effect.
  • Bigger space for bigger meals:
via Timothy Godbold
Who doesn’t love a big Italian meal with a big family? Italian concept appreciates the idea of sitting and eating together instead of the buffet culture.A bigger and grand dining table could give your home, the perfect Italian vibe. One could invest in a folding yet stylish dining table, that could quickly double up and is always ready to welcome family and friends with open arms, even if you are eating takeout food together.
  • Bring in the modern and traditional together:
Putting modern and chic Italian leather furniture along with an antique piece in the same room might bring out the best Italian personality of your home. This way you don’t have to do away with all your favourite decorations and furniture pieces when you are redecorating your home.
  • Don’t forget to include the fun:
Italy and Italians have a distinctive philosophy, to lead a life that is full of love, simplicity, company, wellbeing, cheerfulness, and tradition. Italy is a joyful, playful nation, and Italians homes are proof of this. Make your patio or a hallway an epitome of this philosophy by adding simple photos, frames, and artwork that symbolizes Italy. Keep the walls white, use curvy and straightforward furniture and let the murals adorn the pictures of your favourite and colourful Italian dish. Or include light turquoise coloured curtains or table covers and make the place be your little Italian quarter. Thanks to Advantage Styling for consulting!


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