Mixed Metal Holiday Tablescapes to Impress Your Guests + Dessert Stencil Printables


If you are in the books to be hosting a lovely gathering this holiday season — fear not because we have all the inspiration and tips you need. Aim to succeed as a host by achieving the stylish trend of mixing metals into your tablescape. Your family and friends will be honored to share a beautiful design styled by you and you don’t have to tell them where you got the inspiration! See below for tablescape inspiration, tips, and stunning dessert stencil printables for all holidays this season.

Photo by Christiann Koepke on Unsplash

Exquisite Tablescape for Thanksgiving

Express your gratitude towards those who have gracefully joined you for a Thanksgiving feast with a stunning mixed metal tablescape. You’ll amaze those who gather at the table by implementing the easy tips below. The meal will look more delicious!

Thanksgiving mixed metal tablescape

Striking Tablescape for Winter Holidays

Leave an elegant touch this winter. During the December holidays, things seem to get busy and time flies right by! For this tablescape, we want you to aim for a simplified look. This tablescape emphasizes the importance of the people sitting around it rather than what’s on the table. Take a look beneath to accomplish this winter tablescape trend.

Winter Mixed Metal Tablescape

Dazzling Tablescape for the New Year

Another year in the books! It’s only appropriate to go all out for this holiday’s tablescape. You are observing a whole year’s worth of achievements! Style a bright and brilliant table by setting out lots of gold. See all the suggestions we have for this mixed metal New Year tablescape below!

New Year mixed metal tablescape

Pie and Hot Chocolate Stencils

The tablescapes are amazing so the desserts ought to be as well! Share your adoration with friends and family over a tasty slice of pie or steaming cup of cocoa. Create desserts that’ll make a lasting impression by using these printable stencils. You saw them in the mood boards earlier.

Here are the instructions: 

  1. Simply follow this stencil link
  2. Find the download stencil button
  3. Print out the stencil
  4. Cut only on the dotted lines
  5. Place the stencil over the pie or hot chocolate 
  6. Sprinkle powdered sugar, cinnamon, chocolate dust, or nutmeg on to the pie or hot chocolate
  7. Remove the stencil and voila!

Taking on the commitment of a host is tough yet fulfilling and with the right resources, you’ll knock hosting out of the park. We hope you have the best holiday season this year! Happy holidays and have a wonderful New Year!


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