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When it comes to choosing dinnerware, it is indeed no easy feat. This is because there are a lot of brands, designs, materials for you to choose from. Furthermore, it will require you to spend a hefty amount of money, so it is best that you know you are really getting your money’s worth.

The truth is, the choice is really up to you. But, if you want to get the best dinnerware out there, then you should try to buy Italian dinnerware because it will make your dinnerware stand out from the crowd. What makes this as such is because this Italian dinnerware are unique especially with that handmade Italian dinnerware.

What Makes Up an Italian Dinnerware?

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The material that is usually being used in the creation of an Italian dinnerware is ceramic which is a word that is derived from the Greed work “keramos”, which means “clay”. Ceramic is the most commonly used general term and can be applied to both porcelain and pottery.

Most of this Italian dinnerware is made out of earthenware, which is known as bisque or biscotto and it is being fired at a low temperature ranging from 1800° to 2100° Fahrenheit. This type is the oldest pottery-making craft in history because these earthenware pieces have been found to be dating back as far back as 1400-1200 BC.

These Italian sets along with the serving ware and the kitchenware are usually created from red or white clay. The texture of the red clay is much tougher and thicker and this is usually being used as pieces that need to be more resistant with high temperature and everyday use like plates, platters, bowls, mugs, and cups.

All of these glazes and colors are being used by the artists when it comes to tableware and kitchenware pieces and it must be lead and cadmium-free in order to comply with the FDA standards and the USA import regulations. You should be able to consider these factors first before deciding to buy your dinnerware. You should bear in mind that you are dealing with reputable suppliers if they include a 100% food safety mention in the description of their items.

How is an Italian Dinnerware Made?

When the biscotto has been subjected to fire, the biscotto should now be dipped into a bath of a fast-drying glaze in order for it to hold liquids. And then this dries up, the glazed piece will now be ready to be hand-painted.

It will then again be subjected to a final firing at 1690° Fahrenheit as this will make the glaze interact with the metal oxides that are being used by the painter in order to create a deep and brilliant translucent color that is specific to Italian potter.

If you want to know what type of clay is being used by the Italian pottery, you do not have to break such, instead, you just need to turn it upside down. You will always see an unglazed area on the bottom that functions as a prevention for the piece from sticking to the kiln of the surface when it is being fired. The clay should be clearly visible there.

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What Does Handmade Italian Dinnerware Mean?

What makes the significant difference of art as compared to mass production is because of the intrinsic value that it possesses, and as to how it impacts our way of like.

So, if you must know, authentic Italian pottery is always hand made. And this means that the potter is going to use a plain lump of refined clay and then the potter will hand made the shape by throwing the clay on the wheel. And when the shape is formed, it will then be painted. The shape’s quality is then going to depend on the ability of the potter as to accuracy and naturality of drying including the first kiln firing.

The exception lies when it comes to molding a plate. This is because plates are usually press-molded in order to obtain the perfect shapes.

Why Hand-painted Dinnerware Makes All the Difference

If you have already seen an Italian artist who is hand painting a certain piece of pottery, then you know how amazing it is to watch. When you go and visit Italian artists’ studios, you will see them with awe making you wonder with their concentrated gestures.

So, regardless of the number of times that they have been painting with the same design, you can see that their brushes are always going to move upon the glaze along with the mixture of certainty and the creative thrill.

If you want to be fully aware of the value that is being hidden in a hand-painted Italian piece, then you should know some things as there are potters who are not even allowed to make mistakes when it comes to painting on glazed biscotto.

The raw colors are also mostly being matched with the fired colors. So this is the reason why the magnificent blue that was so famous during the Renaissance majolicas.

What drives the selection of raw colors when it comes to the creation of a new design is the experience of the artist. Even so, the result of achieving a new color combination is going to be always unpredictable this is because each of the colors is going to need its own firing temperature in order for it to achieve the perfect hue. There are also some degrees that are more or less can change as it sometimes ultimately is the final result.

Ultimately, this is still all about the chemical reactions that are involved including the various metal oxide colors including the glaze and the temperature. When it comes to the design of new dinnerware, this will usually need a lot of trial and error before being able to meet the creative idea of the artist.

Make Sure That You Are Buying a Hand-Made Italian Dinnerware

If you want to make sure that you bought a hand-painted Italian dinnerware, you can do this by looking at it closely, with this, you should see the brush strokes including the charming imperfection of human artistry. Thanks to Belle & June for collaborating!


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