LA Neighborhoods That Are Dog Friendly

No matter where you live in southern California, you are free to own a dog, but not every town tolerates pets in public. Dog owners, especially those who like to spend a lot of time with their furry friends, may gravitate towards canine-friendly communities where they are able to take their pups with them when they venture out and about. If that sounds like you, you may want to investigate those neighborhoods to find one that is a good fit for you and your pet. This list of areas can help you get started before you search listings for Brentwood, Ocean Park, or Marina Del Ray condos for sale.
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Santa Monica Santa Monica is beloved by residents and tourists alike, thanks to its beautiful beaches and lively boardwalk attractions. While dogs may not be allowed on the beach, they may go along the boardwalk or join you at outdoor seating at several restaurants in town. The best Santa Monica realtors can also show you townhomes, condos, and single-family homes that are close to one of the four dog parks where you and your pup can hang out.
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Silver Lake The trendy Silver Lake area is known for its reservoir and the many activities you can enjoy there as well as the many shops and restaurants along Sunset Boulevard, some of which are amenable to furry patrons. It also has a dog park where your pet can burn off some excess energy. A condo that’s close to either the city center or the natural attractions would be ideal for you if you plan on taking your dog with you when you go out.
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Venice Beach This LA neighborhood has earned a reputation for its free-spirit attitude, which means that you can feel comfortable taking your dog with you most anywhere. Although dogs are banned from the beach, you can see plenty of other people with pups on the boardwalk or at restaurants. You may want to look into Venice Beach townhomes for sale to see which communities allow dogs or are close to those places where dog owners tend to congregate.
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Studio City While quieter than some of the other trendier areas of LA, Studio City strikes the perfect balance between the natural beauty of the area and the conveniences you expect in an urban environment. You can join other dog owners dining at the local pup-friendly restaurants or hiking the trails of Laurel Canyon.
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Marina del Ray Want to spend your time enjoying everything about Marina del Ray? Take your dog with you when you go to one of the over 27 pet-friendly restaurants, hang out at one of the city parks with its own dog run, or walk along the marina (with your pet on a leash, of course). You can even take your pooch paddle boarding with you! As you can see, you have more options than you may realize for dog-friendly neighborhoods. Check with a real estate broker for listing near one of these areas, or see if your agent has other suggestions for up-and-coming locations that may be perfect for you and your dog. Thanks to Maser Condo Sales for contributing!


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