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Ever wondered what the main difference between a house and a home is? A house is simply a building where people can live in, but a home is where you are comfortable. When you buy a new place, one of the first things you do, is make it more your style. No matter how beautiful or perfect it may seem, you’ll still want it to be a bit more, your style. The changes you may make to accommodate your preferences can range from minor changes, such as changing curtains or moving furniture around, to big changes like remodeling. These changes may vary according to your tastes and your budget. All changes that you make are simply intended to create the perfect home and once you are satisfied, then it will feel like a home.

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While making changes to your home may be decorative, there are other creative ways to make changes to your home. So you can change you home to suit your tastes, and still get some added benefits from these changes. These changes can be simple touches or more complex fitting, all designed to accommodate your tastes. Some popular alterations include:

Design via Jenny Keenan Design
  • Penguin basements in Cambridge: Penguin basements are very common in Canada. The penguin basement usually involves massive amounts of work but will be equally rewarding. A penguin basement is a basement that has been retrofitted to serve other purposes. This offers a variety of options and it is only limited by your finances. You can create a workshop, a studio even a bed and breakfast. Making extra income is always a welcome ability and your basement can be retrofitted to provide this service. As long as you have the finances, you can go the extra mile and make it as beautiful and comfortable as you like. While the practice is not common everywhere, it is fast growing as it is proving to be very enjoyable by those who already have it.
  • Finishing a basement in drywall: A drywall is the perfect interior wall. It is light enough to be removed if you need it, yet strong enough to provide a partition in the house. When you are making changes to your home, you may want to finish your basement with drywall. While you may be installing something you really love in the basement, you may want to finish the basement with drywall, in case you change your mind and want to install something else in there. You may even be moving, and the new owners may want to do something different in the basement.
Design via Jenny Keenan Design

While the entire home can be modelled to fit your taste, only certain rooms may need to be altered in attempts to reduce cost. You may only need to focus on the rooms where you spend a lot of time, like the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and the basement. This way, your home can feel personalized, without costing you a great amount of money. A personalized home will always make you feel welcomed. Thanks to Basements Canada for contributing


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