Decor Ideas For Your Rustic Log Home


When it comes to rustic charm, nothing quite beats the log home. These quaint cabins are cozy and inviting, evoking a sense of calm in every room. If you have recently built or moved into a log home, the decor can make the space truly your own. Whether you want to embrace the outdoorsy look or create a modern feel, there are plenty of ways to fill your house.

This guide will provide a few ideas to get you started on your decor planning. By putting thought into the theme of the house, you can make your vacation dwelling or permanent residence truly feel like home.


Include natural elements

Log homes are the go-to for nature lovers, so you can highlight the space’s charm by bringing the outside in. Natural wood tables, flooring, shelves, and other furniture are a must-have in these houses. You might also consider filling the space with house plants to make each room more natural and inviting.

For an even more rustic feel, purchase some faux animal pelts to use as rugs or throw over the backs of chairs. Hang photographs or paintings of landscapes, animals, or plants on the wall. All of these touches will make nature the central theme of your home.


Incorporate brightness

The construction of a log home is naturally quite dark, especially if the inner walls and ceiling beams are wooden as well. To balance out the darker ceilings, walls, and floors of your house, add lighter elements into each room. White bedding, a tan couch, and a blue rug are just some ways to open a space through lighter colors.

And don’t hesitate to play with color. Flowers, colorful knick knacks, coffee table books, throw pillows, and blankets can all add cheer and brightness into your home.


Consider the climate

Local climate can guide your design decisions just as much as your personal taste. The log homes Florida residents live in might be different than those in Maine. If you live in a colder climate, embrace the cozy vibe. Incorporate warm colors, a cozy wood stove, soft fabrics, and darker woods.

Homeowners in warmer climates might choose decor to create a more breezy feel. Lighter woods, white fabric, driftwood, and twig baskets can keep the space natural and light. However, you are certainly free to get creative and create an indoor environment that contrasts your local climate.

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Add antique pieces

While the cabin home itself has a rustic charm, you can boost this style with some unique antique pieces. An old farmhouse table or used light fixture are intriguing additions to any home. Whether you scored a deal at a flea market or are looking to incorporate a family heirloom into your home, a log house is the perfect place to use these pieces.

If you’re more of a DIY homeowner, consider refurbishing found furniture or pieces that you already own to fit your new style.

Embrace natural light

If you want to feel more connected with nature while living in your log home, be sure to incorporate plenty of natural light. When building your home, try to incorporate large windows to let the sun in and show off the natural landscape.

Skylights are another great way to brighten your home. If you’re moving into an existing log home, hang blinds or light curtains. The natural light on the wooden features will make the home warm and inviting.

While each log home incorporates many of the same elements, you can make your dwelling your own with the right decor. Have fun with each room and don’t hesitate to break the rules. Your creativity will be well work it when you feel at home in your rustic space. Thanks so much to Log Home Guys for collaborating!


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