3 Tips for a Successful Home Renovation

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Home renovation is an exciting opportunity to make your home into something you really enjoy. Create a man cave in the basement or a lady cave full of those little touches that make a house a home. It’s something that requires preparation, consideration, planning, and patience to accomplish. When it’s all done, you’ll wind up with something that fits your needs for as long as you live in the house. Following are three tips for a successful home renovation. 

Work With a Budget

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It’s very easy to go nuts with renovations since they’re something you might do once in the time you own your home. It’s the opportunity to put in your own touches and set things up the way you like. However, it’s also very easy to go overboard on spending. 

Draw up your plans and add in everything you want to see. Next, get quotes from contractors as to cost. You might get lucky and find that you can do all of the work and stay within your budget, or you might not. If you wind up going over budget, take things out until it hits a price point you’re comfortable with. If there are small details you had to take out due to cost, you can always add them later. Ask the contractor if prep work can be done so there’s less work to do later. 

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Doing Some of the Work by Yourself

If you decide that you want to go DIY on some of the renovations, you’re going to need the right equipment and materials for the job. Before you start the project, do your research. Talk to a contractor you trust, ask questions at the hardware store, and use the internet for insight on how you should handle things. 

When you buy your supplies, make sure you have enough on hand. There’s nothing worse than running out in the middle of your work and going to the store to find more, only to learn that they ran out of the materials. Also, make sure to wear footgear like Chippewa work boots for proper protection. You’re going to work with materials that hurt when they land on your feet, so have the right gear before you start.

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Work With Qualified Professionals

The home renovation market is full of contractors that fly under the radar. They’re usually not licensed and do a good job of bad work — and they know how to cover it up so you won’t find it until long after they’ve skipped town. It’s tempting to work with an unlicensed contractor, but it winds up costing you in the long run. Work with a licensed contractor from the beginning instead of taking the risk of someone who’s attractively priced for all the wrong reasons. 

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do home renovations. Plan, take your time, figure out what you want, and take your ideas to qualified professionals to get the best possible results.  Thanks to Russell’s for consulting with me on this post!


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