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Artwork is supposed to be for everyone. Everybody who appreciates art should be able to afford to indulge their desire. Well, that is how it should be in an ideal situation. Sadly, we are not in an ideal situation.

Artworks, especially masterpieces are a strict reserve for the super-rich. Not even the rich can afford these masterpieces. This article here lists some of the most expensive artwork today. The cheapest artwork included in the list is Jackson Pollock’s “No. 5” which was sold for $140m and the most expensive is the “Salvator Mundi” by Leonardo da Vinci which was sold for $450.3m.

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If you can dole out almost half a billion dollars for an artwork, you are certainly beyond just rich. The percentage of people in the entire world who can do this cannot be up to 1% of the world’s population. So what happens to the 99% who can’t?

Thankfully, provision has been made for almost everyone to be able to own a masterpiece if they so choose. This has been made possible by art reproduction.

how to choose art for your home

Painting Reproduction Explained

The term reproduction explains it all. The process we are focusing on here is one in which an artist reproduces (through painting) the work of another. There can be any number of reproductions of an original but there can only be one original.

A reproduction is not an inferior quality painting, it is just a copy. In fact, it is usually painted to be able to pass as the original. This is because the reproductions, such as those done by top companies like 1st Art are usually done by highly skilled and talented artists.

Benefits of Oil Painting Reproduction

There are a number of reasons why reproductions of oil paintings and actually other forms of art is quite beneficial. Here are a few of these reasons:


This is the main benefit for most. Imagine owning a Salvator Mundi for about $300? Remember that the original was sold for $450.3m. If you remember when we were trying to explain what a reproduced painting is, we mentioned that it is not necessarily a lower quality painting. It is simply a copy.

If your reproduced copy of the Salvator Mundi is done by a master artist, the result will be as stunning as the original. The copy will be difficult to tell apart from the original unless some tests are carried out to determine the age of the paper, ink and other little details that come with aging.

You can therefore enjoy the same quality of painting for $300 instead of almost half a billion U.S dollars.

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Imagine that you are able to finally purchase a $200 million painting, would you carelessly display it anywhere and anyhow? Most collectors or owners of these obscenely expensive paintings also have copies of them. This includes museums and art houses.

Rather than having the original painting on display, risking it being stolen or damaged, they simply present the copy anytime they cannot absolutely guarantee the safety of the piece.


Following from the point above, there are times when museums and art houses need to carry out some maintenance jobs on these paintings. Rather than tell their visitors that the painting is not on display at the time, they rather put a copy to take the place of the original until the original can come back on display.

When this happens, the people are not aware that what they are looking at is a copy. This again is because the copies or reproduced paintings are usually very good.

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Custom Presentation

Another thing about painting reproduction is that you do not have to get the copy in the same size or frame. You can decide to have any size of the original you want. It could be smaller or bigger, based on your brief to the art company. In the same vein, you can request for any type of frame of presentation you choose.

Choosing an Art Reproduction Company

So how do you go about choosing an oil painting reproduction company that can deliver a great job? Here are a few tips to guide you.

  1. Go for a company that has a great reputation. Check for the reviews any company you are considering has gotten on sites like https://www.trustpilot.com/. This will give you an idea of whether or not to go with them.
  2. Look at their clientele list. Companies that consistently serve top ranking members of the society are more likely to do a good job because that’s the only way they could have retained the patronage of such clientele.
  3. Choose a company that is very focused on delivering a great job. One of the ways you can ascertain this is by finding out how they execute a job. It is important that the client is constantly informed of the progress being made. The client should also be given the opportunity to make as much reviews as they need to ensure they get what they want.
  4. Guaranties are important. If the company is very confident of its ability, it will be willing to take on some risk. An example is in the payment for the job. Top companies will not require full payment upfront on a job but will usually require full payment only after the client is satisfied with the work done and approves it for delivery.

While there are other factors that can be added to the above, taking these into consideration will help you find a company that will give you a good oil painting reproduction.



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