New Garage in your future? Customised Steel Garages – All you Need to Know


If you are thinking of investing in a new garage, this article was written with you in mind. The main use for a domestic garage might be a safe and secure place to store the car(s), but there’s so much more you can use a steel structure for. It could, for example, be used as a workshop, or even an office if you are about to launch your own business, or you might need a secure storage facility for your tools and gardening equipment.

Made to Measure Solutions

The ideal way to build a steel structure in the garden is to have it made to your exact specifications, which is much preferred to purchasing a standard size, and with garage builders in Melbourne who will work to your exact specifications, you don’t have to settle for something that almost meets your needs. The ideal material, steel is long-lasting and comes in a range of popular colours (more than 20) and with millimetre accuracy, the design will fill your needs perfectly.

Optional Extras

By having the garage built to your specifications, you will get the most out of the unit, and with so many choices of door and window types, there are options to assure the unit perfectly suits your needs. The steel panels can be cut to precise measurements, while the interior can be kitted out as you need it, whether as a workshop or simply secure storage, it really is up to you. Optional extras include roller shutters, sliding doors, and overhead units, all with motorised units that are remotely controlled. Sliding windows can be added where you want them, while a side personal access door is also an option, and by designing the unit, you can be sure it will be exactly what you need.

Choice of Roof Types

You can have either a gable or skillion roof, or even a combination of the two, and with roller or sliding doors, the unit can be designed around your needs. The online supplier would have an in-house shed and garage design team to help you come up with the perfect design for a unit that ticks all of the boxes.

Fully Fitted or Self Installation

Whether you would prefer the supplier to build the base and erect the unit, or you would like to self-install, the supplier can provide you with whatever you need. You might want a double, or even a triple garage, and with doors at both ends, you can have a drive through unit, which is ideal for farming and other commercial uses.

Carports and Verandas

As the unit can be constructed to the customer’s specifications, there’s no limit to the design options. You might, for example, merely want a lean two that runs adjacent to the home as a form of sun protection, or a carport that doubles up as a family shaded area. If you would like to explore the potential that a customised steel structure can provide, all it takes to make contact with an established supplier is a Google search. Once on their website, you can request an online quote based on your given specifications, and with a choice of fully fitted or self-installation, you decide how much help you need.

Site Preparation

A suitable concrete base needs to be prepared for the unit, which the manufacturer can do for you, or they will provide the exact specifications for you to prepare it yourself. This would include electrical cables and plumbing (if required), and in the event you need planning permission, the supplier knows the procedure and can offer some assistance in this area.

If you want a bespoke outdoor structure that is designed around your needs, a Google search is all it takes to get in touch with the right supplier, and by choosing 100% Australian steel, you can be sure the unit will stand the test of time. Thanks to for collaborating!




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