Guest Rooms You Won’t Want to Leave!


Our spare bedroom has been on my mind lately since warm weather is on its way and tends to bring visitors with it! I’m excited to be hosting since we have a home and space to do it now. Here is some guest room eye candy that I might not want to leave if I got the chance to stay:

Don’t fill a guest room up with too much furniture unless it’s furniture they can use to spread their stuff out on.  A chair or bench is nice to have.  Floor space or a luggage rack gives them a place to keep luggage.  You don’t want them putting luggage on the bed.

Stunning! via Honeysuckle Life

Using two twin beds means you can accommodate couples or non-couples.

Most of us probably don’t have space like the home above, so tighter quarters can make the most of square footage by utilizing a daybed that looks and functions as a sofa, but also as a bed for visitors.

I think a guest bedroom is a great place to try an accent color, wallpaper, or other design trend that you’re nervous to use in the rest of the house.  Since you aren’t necessarily in your guest room everyday, it isn’t an element you’ll have to live with constantly if it proves to be too much.

Generally in my book, futons are a no-no, but this one is looking pretty chic.


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