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Technology is in virtually every home, and likely isn’t going away anytime soon.  That means that beautifully integrating technology in your home is a challenge that isn’t going away anytime soon. With all of this technology comes so many amazing advantages. While many tech devices are well designed, they don’t always integrate well into our decor. Add that to the fact that we usually have multiple family members who have multiple devices. We can end up with a hodgepodge of devices and device styles to contend with.

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Pair with a Contrasting Element

In my home, I really like integrating technology with a contrasting element.  This means pairing a desktop computer with something that looks handcrafted. The handwritten calendar above is a great example.  You could also hang a cork board behind your computer. Then display cards and magazine clippings that you find beautiful or inspiring.

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Use Matching Furniture

To me, the biggest challenge of integrating technology into your home is when you have to work with two different style devices. For example, a dell computer and an Apple iMac.  A really useful technique is to match other elements of the room to make the space cohesive.  For example, use matching desks and chairs in a “family” office.

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You might have your heart set on an Apple product because of their amazing design appeal. Remember you don’t have to purchase from Apple. As a Washington DC web designer and developer I’ve been using Apple products for 15 years. In that time I’ve only bought a few products directly from them.  I’ve bought refurbished products and have never been able to tell the difference between them and the new ones.  If you need even more incentive, there are a lot of great deals on the holidays, like $50 Off iMacs at Gazelle

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In the office above both computers are Apples, but there are other electronics that are displayed in a manner to look like they are part of the collection on the bookshelves.

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home office technology

Above is another example where this room is kept cohesive and successful at beautifully integrating technology in your home because the desks, chairs, and lamps are all the same.  This makes the difference in computers much less noticeable.

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