The Best Interior Design Trends for 2018


Decorating your home is no easy task, getting everything right the first time can take a lot of planning and a lot of money. A good place to start when you are coming up with a new design for your bathroom or living room is to have a look at some of the current interior design trends. You can ask your friends for advice or even look online at some of the ways that people have transformed their homes.

Interior design trends are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up when you need to plan ahead before decorating your home. Here, we are going to take you through some of the best interior design trends for 2018. If you think that this is something that you could benefit from, keep reading to find out more.



Statement Ceilings

One of the biggest trends that have been taking the interior design world by storm this year has to be statement ceilings. Ceilings are often the part of the room that gets ignored and people don’t really seem to be interested in spending money on decorating something that no one will look at. The good news is that if you create an amazing statement ceiling then people are definitely going to stare. When it comes to your ceiling you’re going to need to get creative, you can decorate it with nice wallpaper or paint or even add something that hangs to create a beautiful effect. People in the past have added umbrellas, tapestries and even baskets.



Spa Bathrooms

People all over the country have always visited spas to have some deep relaxation time. Well, in 2018 spas are coming home and spa bathrooms are popping up all over the place. If you’re willing to fork out a little money, creating a spa bathroom for your home isn’t too difficult. Of course, you’ll need an amazing bath, a great sink and a huge mirror but you’ll also need to work on the décor itself. Before you start buying bathroom furniture, choose a relaxing colour scheme, marble works really well with this theme if you want to create the perfect spa atmosphere. When you get your new bath in, you should add some candles and scents that are going to really turn this into a home spa.

2018 Design Trends


Earthy Neutral Colours

Another great interior design trend that is coming through in 2018 is the use of earthy neutral colours. These make homes seem a lot calmer and they are a little less boring than the usual white or beige neutrals that people have been opting for over the years. If you want to make this look work, invest in some pale green furniture or spruce up your old curtains with some earthy neutral ones from You should also consider adding some wooden furniture and pairing it with jades or other earthy neutral colours. Once you’ve got this design in place, you’ll love how it looks in your home.



The final trend that we are going to take you through is textured furniture and designs. In 2018, people are loving adding some textures to their home and often bold colours work well with some of the great fabrics that are on offer. If you really want to make a statement in your home, you need to invest in some velvet. Velvet furniture and décor is really big right now and it will look great in your living room. If you’d rather opt for leather, now is the time. Get some leather furniture or headboards for your bedroom and you’ll love how it looks and feels.


Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about redecorating your home, it is important that you plan everything out carefully. You don’t want to start buying furniture only to find out that it doesn’t match your chosen décor or that it is not on trend. Staying on top of the current interior design trend is really important if you want to impress your friends or family with how you have designed your home. Make sure to opt for some earthy neutral colours this year if you are investing in some wallpaper or paint or get some textured furniture that will stand out in your living room. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add a stunning statement ceiling to that room that doesn’t have much else going on.

It is important that you set yourself a budget and make sure that you only spend what you can afford to on your new design. You should remember though that your home is the place that you spend most of your time so don’t be afraid to splash out. If you take some time to follow all of our guidance on how you should decorate your home, you won’t be disappointed.


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