5 Interior Design Ideas For Small Log Cabins


In this article, we will be giving you a glimpse into the wonderful world of log cabin interior design. Log cabins are a very special kind of home, and they manage to evoke so many feelings at once. Feelings of history and the passage of time. Feelings of nature and hearth. Feelings of solitude and peace.

Here, you’ll see a variety of log cabin decor styles, and you’ll get a good idea of some wonderful designs that you can use for your own log cabin!

  1. Mixing The Old-Fashioned With The Modern

modern log cabin

Image source: Homeontherangeinteriors.com

On this list, there are two VERY rustic log cabins. This is one of them. If you look at the faucet and the basin that is directly below the faucet, you’ll notice that neither one of those elements is at all reminiscent of the modern faucets that you usually see.

However, that’s really one of the less distinctive elements. You’ll also notice the grainy, almost unpolished, wood, and the beautiful lanterns that are hanging to the left and right of the faucet.

In this log cabin, the rustic style is the key to understanding the other design decisions that were made. This rustic look in this cabin almost perfectly captures what an old-fashioned log cabin would’ve actually looked like. You could also add a touch of the industrial with a concrete counter, like those from Polished Concrete NYC

  1. The Evocative Rustic Bedroom

modern log cabin

Image source: instagram.com/sarahkjp

Here is a very unique, very distinct, piece of interior design. The decor is very old-fashioned, and very evocative. Just the bed and chandelier are distinctive enough in their own right, but then you have the wooden floor, filled with all kinds of markings that come from the natural properties of the wood, along with the two lamps that are on both sides of the bed, and even the dresser in the back of the picture.

Given that this is the biggest room in the log cabin, it was vital that the designers captured the aesthetic they were going for by using a variety of small details – such as the red and black bedding, and the grain that you can see in the wood.

  1. A Relaxing Bathroom

modern log cabin

Image source: Hookedonhouses.net

This is a special interior design. You have a – somewhat – modern bathtub and toilet, but then you have a faucet that consists of a wooden counter, and you have walls that are made of wood that lacks the polish you find in modern wood. But, that is precisely the point. In this design, it goes for a more rustic look, more than anything else, but it goes very well with the modern elements.

One other thing to note is the candles that are on the right of the picture, on top of the toilet. These also go very well with the rustic decor style.

  1. Old-Fashioned Bedroom

modern log cabin

Image source: Tetonheritagebuilders.com

Take a look at the exposed logs and all of the wood grain. This particular interior design is the most rustic on our list, due to those elements and, you’ll notice, the lack of any modern technologies – aside from a lamp, of course. Due to the minimal modern elements and technologies, this is actually a very energy efficient log home.

This is a very bold look, but it’s also quite stunning. One of the easiest ways to capture this same kind of energy is to purchase wood that is grainy and unpolished.

  1. Small, Cozy Reading Nook

modern log cabin

Image source: Logcabinhub.com

Comparatively, this small log cabin is far more “modern” than most of the others, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

Here, we have a small little reading nook in a small little log cabin. It’s separate, away from many of the other elements, and it’s very cozy. A small chair that is held up by a chain, a beautiful chandelier full of little lights, and an area where you sit or lie down, and read your book.

This is a very beautiful addition to any small log cabin, and it really does succeed at creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Thanks to Trulogsiding.com for consulting with us on this post!


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