Easy DIY Decor Ideas That Look Like You Spent A Ton


If you’re longing for a home that exudes a sense of luxury but you don’t have the budget to match, there’s no need to despair – we’ve got some easy DIY décor ideas for you that won’t cost the earth but which will make it look like you spent a fortune!

Adding Window Trims

A simple DIY project that won’t take longer than a few hours but which will make your home look a million dollars is to add a window trim. Your window will not only be a lot more attractive but your room will look considerably larger for an impressive impact. This is an especially effective décor idea if you’re living in a period property, but it works just as well in a modern home.

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Painting Or Re-Staining Outdated Oak

When you live in an old property, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a lot of oak stain in your home making it look seriously outdated and old fashioned. There’s no need to go to the expense and hassle of replacing the wood, however, all you need to do is re-stain or repaint it to bring your home into the 21st century.

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Conceal Your Laminate Counter Top

If you’ve got ugly laminate counter tops in your bathroom or kitchen, you don’t need to live with them a moment longer. You can easily conceal them with a faux concrete counter top or simply paint them so that they look as if they were made from granite. There are online tutorials that teach you how to do this yourself and you’re sure to be delighted with the results.

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Painting The Ceiling Fan

If you have ceiling fans in your home you can bring them up to date and change the look of your room at the same time by simply giving them a lick of paint. There’s no need to upgrade to an expensive new fan when you can paint both the metal and wood to make it look brand new.

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Upgrade Your Closet Doors

Plain closet doors aren’t going to make your room look like a luxury boudoir, however there are several ways that you can give them an overhaul for a much more expensive look. You can use ceiling medallions to customize your closet doors – the unique look will certainly give your home a new luxurious edge.

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Paint Your Air Conditioning Vents

If you’re sick of your ugly air conditioning vents there’s no reason why you can’t paint them for a whole new streamlined look. You can simply use a spray paint in your favorite color to give them a makeover and you’ll benefit from a more contemporary, cohesive living space.

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Make Mini Blinds Into A Roman Shade

If you have mini blinds in your home, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make them look more upmarket. Mini blinds aren’t the most attractive window covering and they certainly don’t look expensive, however the good news is that you can turn them into stylish Roman blinds without too much expense or effort. Simply choose your favorite fabric and follow an online tutorial to convert your hideous shades into something a lot more contemporary and expensive-looking.

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Make A Piece Of Art

Art is an easy way to make any room look luxurious, and there’s no need to buy it when you can make it yourself. You can make your own eye catching abstract artwork by trying your hand at acrylic pouring – you can find out more information on acrylicpouring.com.

So, there you have it, our top tips for high quality, luxury DIY décor that won’t take forever and won’t cost the earth but will make your home look like you spent a fortune!

DIY Home Decor

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Thanks to acrylicpouring.com for collaborating with us on this post!


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