Gorgeous porch inspiration for summer!


It’s finally summer!  The bees are buzzing the sun is shining, and in DC the humidity is steaming and mosquitos biting.  Frizzy hair and blood-suckers aside, this year, I am determined to have some sort of little container garden on my front porch, so I’ve been collecting some inspiration.

We don’t have space or a roof for a swinging sofa, but how awesome would that be?
via Pinterest via HGTV

via Babble

via BHG

via Pinterest via Gilded Mint

I love more “wild” looking containers.
via Pinterest via Flickr

…but I also like the symmetrical look.

I really like pots cascading down the stairs…just not the green orbs.
via Pinterest via BHG

What do you do for your porch in the summer?


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