In-Kitchen Dining


In-Kitchen Dining

Where does your family enjoy their meals?  Dining room? The kitchen? The living room…(gasp!)  Jk lol.  No judgement here.  We feed our kids at the table, and once they are off to bed my husband and I enjoy our dinner on the couch in peace with the latest John Oliver episode.  I’m apt to think that most people eat their dinners in the kitchen though, if you’re kitchen is laid out to have space for a table and chairs.  Because of that assumption I thought I’d scrounge up some inspiration to elevate the everyday family grub hub.  Enjoy!

in-kitchen dining

via Dering Hall?

in-kitchen dining

Perfect sunny spot to enjoy breakfast.  I also like banquettes.

via My Unique Home

in-kitchen dining

I’d love to see the rest of this kitchen.  Personally I like a table more than a breakfast bar, or eating on stools, so to me this mixes the best of both worlds.  The convenience of serving in the kitchen but the comfort of eating at normal table height.


in-kitchen dining
Westport Modern Farmhouse Design of farmhouse dining table lighting

I love all of the open space in the kitchen.  When you have kids, they always seem to be underfoot in the kitchen, so I’d love to have some more elbow room.

in-kitchen kining

What do you think of this dining nook with exposed brick?

via House Beautiful


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