Designer Furniture Inspo: When it’s worth investing


Okay, so we are far from being able to adorn our home in gorgeous designer furnishings, textiles, and decor.  Heck, we still have a fair number of Ikea pieces.  And with a 3 year-old and an almost 9 month old, I’m not about to risk dried baby purees and finger paints on a Duncan Phyfe style antique dining table.  Therefore I’m living with a so-so reproduction with peeling veneer and mismatched leaves.

Quality makes a difference

Antique and designer furnishing is synonymous with quality because the materials and techniques used are employed to make a piece last.  Textiles won’t pill, joints won’t come loose, and veneers won’t warp and peel.  They also offer styles and aesthetics that will last longer than furniture made to satiate the public’s taste for the latest flavor of the month.  Designer furniture are also the pieces that MAKE the trends.

designer furniture

via Cottages and Gardens

Designer Furniture is more adaptable

Before production, designer furniture is thought out very carefully.  Every curve, angle, color, and patina is carefully selected to impact your space in the best way possible.  It won’t clash with other furniture that is also designed with quality, taste, and style in mind.  Since the piece will also last long enough to see trends come and go, you can integrate it in your home even if your tastes and styles change.

designer furniture

via Viyet

Designer Furniture will last

If you think about your father’s favorite mid-century modern chair, or even a favorite piece in your home, chances are it has a long past, or was passed down from a previous generation.  My favorite piece of furniture is a gorgeous dresser that was my fathers.  It is my dresser now and everyday I enjoy seeing it and have made it a focal point in our master bedroom.

designer furniture

via BoConcept

A long-time obsession of mine are antique oriental rugs. The artistry that goes into them always amazes me, and I love having a bit of cultural tradition in my home.  I’m lucky enough to have two oriental rugs in my collection, a 50 year-old over dyed Turkish rug, and an Iranian rug.

designer furniture

My Turkish rug and my father’s dresser.

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