How to Update Your Home Decor For 2018


Trends are fickle. They change regularly, almost as regularly as you should with your bed sheets. And this applies to every industry that there ever was. And it’s a good thing. An ever-shifting plane will force us to constantly adjust to needs and demands. There will always be that drive to innovate and create new things. And sometimes, old trends are recycled into newer versions (as is the case with a lot of accessories and apparel these days.)

So, what house design trends should we expect in 2018? Well, we start off by saying philosophies like minimalism, consumerism, essentialism, etc. aren’t going anywhere. People will always lean towards a clean, modern, seamless aesthetic or a more is more, chock-full of adornment aesthetic.  Though, I’m pretty sure that certain design details like City Seamless Rain Gutter installations won’t be affected by the coming and going of trends. With that said, it’s time to break out your flamboyant decorative pieces and start updating your home decor.

How exactly? Read on to find out.

1. Bold Colors

That’s right. Vibrant colors are now in. While muted colors will always look clean, vibrant pigments will always have much more personality. So, the more “mood”, the better. Violet, Emerald Green, and Electric Blue are a few colors that are set to become more common sights among interiors.

2018 home trends


2. Weaves

When you’re talking about textiles, you should expect to see a rise in the use of “crafted” materials. Rattan and wicker are two textiles that will be popular this year, especially among people who want that rustic feel.

2018 Decor trends

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3. Brass

When it comes to accents, any metal decoration will do. Rose gold and copper have long been staples in this aspect but if you truly want to step up you game to create a flattering and sophisticated aesthetic, brass is the way to go.

2018 decor trends


4. Marble

There’s a rising trend in the use of marble-like patterns. Your house doesn’t necessarily have to be made from marble, as long as your linens, wallpaper, and even your lamps are patterned after marble.

2018 decor trends

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5. Tropics

Tropical prints are set to become more popular as the year goes on. This concept is much less about the vibrancy of the greens and more about how you play with the different hues of green. Couple this with the brass and marble, and you’ve got yourself a lot of diversity to play with.

2018 Decor Trends



Now these trends don’t always have to be present in every room. Keep in mind that it’s really all about how you express your creativity with these guidelines. You can have a marble pattern plastered across your bathroom and accentuate it with some plants for a strangely natural look, or you can also have your bedroom walls painted a dark navy blue and have your wicker furniture in the foreground for a more rustic look.

The point is, these trends are there as guidelines as to what design choices you get to make. The essence of decorating will always lie in the expression of creativity. It’s kinda like being given a set of colors and you’re free to choose how to use these colors to create a piece of art.


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