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Contemporary interiors

Maybe I’m way behind the times, but I just recently stumbled across the blog for Scout & Nimble, which for some reason is offline today – but luckily I saved some photos to share with you.  Their main website –, also has tons of great interior eye candy including portfolios, designers, and products.  Below are what I consider some of the coolest spaces.


I don’t know if I could live with the black and white striped floors, but it’s definitely a good trick to elongate the space! I love the ceiling lights too!


I’ve actually seen this chest of drawers around before and I really love it.


This living room is a bit dark for me but I still think the space is really warm and inviting.  Maybe for a little reading room?


Can you say dream kitchen?  White kitchens were the most recent trend, but for me they are timeless and one day I will have one!


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