Amazingly chic home offices


Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve started going back to work gradually, but it’s really hard to be productive since I’ve “been away” so long.  It also doesn’t help that my office has become purgatory for all of our baby paperwork and stuff we’ve had to move to make way for the gear that’s come with baby #2.  I’m hoping some super chic home offices will help inspire me to get in there and clean it up and get working!

chic home office

I NEED an office chair like this.  Looks like a good mix of comfortable and beautiful.

via DecorPad

chic home office

I love this warm and vintage home office. It still manages to look sophisticated though!

via Inspiration DE

chic home offices

I don’t think you can have a desk that’s too big, and even though this might be a dining table – if the shoe fits…! All of the shelving is great too.


chic home office

How pretty is this dining room made home office?  The white furniture with touches of blue is really cheerful.

via the 36 Avenue

What do you do to your home office if you’re in a productivity slump?


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