Functional Yet Decorative Essentials for Your Home


There are places in the home that are thought of as mainly functional but are also a chance to add some decorative touches to your living space. Windows and storage areas become empty canvases for window treatments, cabinetry, and creative storage solutions. Here are a few ways that these parts of your home can become part of your overall decorating scheme.

What To Do With the Windows?

Window treatments are a functional necessity to keep out light, create privacy, and block either heat or cold from entering through the glass. They are also a decorative accessory that can anchor a room’s look, or throw it into chaos. If you want to channel a rustic farmhouse vibe in your family room, a sleek and tailored mini-blind and drape combo would look out of place.

The type of window treatment you choose can also influence its functional uses. For example, if you are looking for insulation and light blocking properties from your window treatment, you do not want to choose sheer drapes.

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Think about what you want to achieve with your window covering before you consider its desired style. Drapes are a versatile category of window covering that can be made sheer for light filtering purposes and a small amount of privacy or can be insulated to block out light, heat, or cold.

Blinds and shutters are a good choice for their adjustability. If you would like to customize your window coverage depending on the time of day or the season, then these options are good choices with many style variations. Depending on the color and style of shutters, for example, they can be at home in a traditionally-styled den or in a shabby-chic living room.

How Cabinets Can Anchor a Room

Cabinets can be simple embellishments for your kitchen’s overall décor while doing the heavy work of housing all of your cookware and serving dishes. Since the majority of kitchen walls are filled with cabinetry, it makes sense to choose carefully when you are planning your cabinet décor.

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When you are thinking about what your new cabinets should look like, you will need to plan what style of doors you want, what type of wood you want your doors to be made of, and if you want your cabinets to be painted or stained a certain color.

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For a contemporary style cabinet, you may want a solid painted finish with pared-down brushed metal handles. The great amount of design latitude with a transitional style cabinet means you will have tons of choices of suitable wood and door style choices.

Another option for cabinetry is to highlight the grain and color of a wood such as oak or cherry and have a light stain applied it to let its natural beauty shine. Bevels and sections in a cabinet can be a customized way to enhance a kitchen’s style from Mediterranean-inspired to a rustic New England vibe.

Closets Are for Having Fun

Even closets can be a supporting player in supporting the overall look of your home. Think of the closet door as a place to further your room’s décor theme, and the inside of the closet to take some creative chances in color and design. If you have the room in a walk-in closet, hang up some cherished momentoes such as small framed photos that make you feel good every time you see them. This way, you will have an instant pick-me-up each morning when you get dressed.

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By recognizing that even the functional things in your home have design potential, you will be well on your way to creating unified approaches to decorating in your home. If you thoroughly plan your approach, your efforts will result in a lovely home atmosphere for you to enjoy.

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