Rustic minimal kitchens


Rustic Minimal from deVOL

Rustic minimal is a blend that speaks to my heart.  I was born and raised in the country so I have a deep affection for rustic style, and I hate visual clutter, so minimalism and clean lines makes my heart skip a beat.  This is why some of my favorite kitchens and cabinetry come from deVOL.  I was lucky enough to get an email from the awesome folks at deVOL sharing pictures of their beautiful headquarters.

rustic minimal

As you can see their designs also pay homage to true shaker style – thoughtfully made with attention paid to form and proportion – NOT to ornamentation.

rustic minimal rustic minimal

The amazing spaces above are all in their headquarters:

“You may have heard of Cotes Mill, a fabulous 16th century water mill that deVOL now calls home, but when you visit our headquarters in Leicestershire, you can expect to be a little surprised by the diversity of what you find. We have lots of beautiful furniture on display from our four kitchen ranges, but there is so much more. We always want to give our customers something special and once we moved to Cotes Mill we had the space to do a lot more than just make kitchens.

From our selection of unique gifts and antiques from all over the world to our workshops and design studios to the incredible wildlife you meet wandering around our 12 acres of breathtaking meadows and river banks. Cotes Mill has become an extraordinary place both inside and out and a must-visit for anyone looking for more than just a kitchen showroom.”  – deVOL team
Being that I live in DC, I don’t see my self going to Leicestershire anytime soon, but when I finally get to the UK I will try to make visiting it a priority!
rustic minimal rustic minimal rustic minimal rustic minimal
So, what do you think of deVOL’s headquarters?


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