Fancy versus simple interiors. Which do you prefer?


Fancy versus simple interiors

I’m excited to see if Decorology readers prefer fancy interiors or simple interiors.  I have my suspicions, but I’ll let you guys decide in the comments!  I just want to clarify that “fancy” does not have to mean gaudy, and “simple” doesn’t have to mean plain.  Both can be done well.  I only chose fancy and simple interiors if I thought they were done well and beautiful. Let’s start the fancy versus simple interiors show-down.

Fancy kitchen

fancy interiors fancy interiors

This Brooklyn Heights kitchen is lavish with brass accents and drawer pulls.

via NYC&G

Simple Kitchen

fancy simple interiors

This kitchen is sparse but has wonderful clean lines.

fancy simple interiors

Undoubtedly this kitchen features top quality materials but the aesthetic is still simple.

Fancy Living Room

fancy simple interiors

An ornate knick-knack collection and jewel tones make this a gorgeous fancy interior.

fancy simple interiors

How can any space with a hot-pink velvet tufted sofa not be fancy?

Simple Living Room

fancy simple interiors

Neutral colors and more primitive finishes and textures keep this living room simple, but still absolutely gorgeous.

fancy simple interiors

Nothing flashy in this living room, but it’s far from plain.

All images via DecorPad unless where otherwise noted.

Want to see more fancy interiors?

Want to see more simple interiors?

So, which do you prefer – fancy or simple?  Leave your vote in the poll or comment below!

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