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Uncluttered, well-curated, organized homes

I’m definitely on a binge as of late to find inspiration for simple interiors.  For most of us, a home this “perfect” is just not possible.  We have kids, long hours, and husbands. 😉  In fact, my husband claims my standards for cleanliness are “warped” by looking at perfectly staged and decorated interiors for the past eight years.  He may have a point.  Nevertheless,  think of these homes as “design concepts” and draw inspiration and maybe even motivation for sending one box a month to a thrift store.

Simple to me does not mean modern or minimal.  Simple can have warmth and character.  To me simple is more about “clean” and surrounding yourself with only things that are meaningful to you.
via Pinterest via Carla Aston

Simple and chic also requires discipline to keep your space tidied and clean, but to me the reward of walking into a room like this is worth it.
via DecorPad

If you are starting a room from scratch, furniture with clean lines can help accomplish a simple chic look.
via Apartment Therapy

Next time you dust or clean, try to remove at least one object from a shelf or bookcase. You don’t have to get rid of it, just put it away for awhile.  See if you like a sparser look.  The less objects you have on display, the more impact the objects on display will have. 

via DecorPad

via Apartment Therapy

Coming home to a simple and streamlined entryway is a great way to decompress.
via DecorPad

via Apartment Therapy

What does simple mean to you?


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