Adding life to each room.

I love to have a plant in each room of my house. There’s something beautiful about a living growing thing around you. 
Light over a pole or hanging on a hook by bed in basement:
Most plants don’t require much tending too. Watering once or twice a week for some are just enough to keep it happy and keep you smiling too.
Wonder what this would look like with hard drives and dog hair everywhere:
It’s a nice touch to my office I think. It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in and not feel stuck inside all day. 
Farmhouse style kitchen decor - A great blog for farmhouse style home decor inspiration!:
Even the littlest of plants can be rewarding.
From the January 2016 issue of Inside Out magazine. Styling by LeeAnn Yare. Photography by Larnie Nicolson. Available from newsagents, Zinio,, Google Play,, Apple’s Newsstand, and Nook.:
Some of my favorite plants do the best in the bathroom! The heat and water in the air during a shower can really help certain plants thrive.
DIY copper plant stands // modern plant decor:
Where do you keep your plants in your home?


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